Adventure into the cosmos for St Nicholas at Wade Primary pupils

Astrodome visit at St Nicholas-at-Wade Primary

Children at St Nicholas at Wade CE Primary are looking to the stars for their latest educational adventure into the cosmos.

Exploring space is probably the greatest quest that humankind has ever undertaken  – are we alone or are there other life forms out there, are among exciting ideas Year 6 pupils are discussing as part of their latest topic Star Gazers.

After learning all about the space race between The Soviet Union and the USA in the 1950s and 60s they embarked on their own space race.

The children carefully designed and created rockets for their egg passengers, ready for a water pressure launch into the skies above the school fields.

For some the journey resulted in safe landings while other passengers got egg on their face.

Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said: “Our young space explorers are really engaged in this topic. They had such fun launching their rockets and announced their blast off countdown heard loud and clear.

“They said that it was a day that they would remember for the rest of their lives”

The far-reaching topic is explored across the curriculum in reading, writing and discussion, looking at creation and science in RE, history, and in science.

Children are investigating the eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, as well as the importance of the moon and the sun, and other aspects such as gravity and satellite navigation systems.

To help bring the magic of the solar system alive, they also enjoyed a journey into space when an astrodome visited the school.

Mrs Kennedy added: “These kind of learning experiences are so important to children’s overall attitude to their learning and school. I am really proud that our teachers create such great opportunities for our children to enjoy their learning.”