Apology over £1.5million freehold sale listing for Granville Theatre published without owners’ consent

The Granville Theatre Photo Frank Leppard

An apology has been issued following confusion over the publication of a sale advert offering the freehold for Ramsgate’s Granville Cinema for £1.5million.

The theatre, which appeared on the website for Lovetts in Ramsgate, reopened in May this year after Westwood One Ltd, whose directors also operate Under 1 Roof Thanet in Pysons Road and Under 1 Roof Canterbury, completed the purchase of the site from Thanet council last October for £125,000 plus the council’s surveyor fees.

The company, owned by Ramsgate sisters Zahra and Parisa Tarjomani and Pyramid Martial Arts & Just Kids Parties owner Matt Milchard, then carried out renovations to bring the site back into use as a theatre with a 600 seat capacity and a foyer with bar area. Work to complete a Seaview Bar and studio space is nearing completion.

Inside the Granville on opening night Photo Frank Leppard

The advert appeared late Friday night last week, prompting scores of comments questioning why the property was on the market. The owners took to social media to state they were unaware of any advert, had not asked for the site to be listed by Lovetts Ramsgate or any other agent and there were no plans to sell.

Lovetts Ramsgate director Jo Hanchett, who had been out of the country when the sales advert was published, has issued a statement of apology to the theatre owners, saying her son, who works for Lovetts, was shown around by a member of the theatre owners’ family and uploaded details and photos without permission, thinking the trio were tenants rather than the legal owners.

She said: “I would like to apologise for the fact we falsely advertised your business and property for sale. We are so sorry for all the stress it has caused for you and is still causing to you and to us as well. We wish to apologise unequivocally.

“Jon and an associate were shown around the theatre after asking a family member to see the progress. In his excitement of the situation he uploaded some pictures he took during his visit to our database and created a listing without any permissions.

Opening night Photo Frank Leppard

“Notwithstanding that, Jon’s valuation figure was unsubstantiated and incorrect. By mistake Jon then published the listing. I might add that Jon (who had never been in the Granville Theatre since you have owned it, until last week) wasn’t even aware that you were the owners, he, in his mind believed you were tenants.

“He knows now that he did not have permission of the legal owners (they being Zahra, Parisa and Matt Milchard) to even view the building let alone value and list it for sale by any parties involved.

“To reiterate, Jon, myself and Lovetts received no instruction to either value or list The Granville Theatre for sale by any parties and truly apologise for any confusion caused.

“We wish you all the best for the future and hope you continue to grow your offering which is a real asset for Ramsgate, giving us and visitors such excellent shows, the two I have seen to date were of a standard befitting the West End of London.”

Photo Frank Leppard

The deeds for the Granville Theatre are listed under Westwood One Theatre Ltd Under 1 Roof Kids Thanet Limited, Pysons Road, Ramsgate CT12 6RL’. These companies are owned by Matt Milchard and sisters Parisa and Zahra Tarjomani.

The freehold for the building had been owned by Thanet council which took formal possession of the venue in 2021 after the impact of covid left the former Granville Theatre Ltd team – who had been running the site – with no option but to relinquish it. The venue had been shut since the start of the pandemic.

In October 2021 Thanet council invited expressions of interest from eligible community groups to become the new owners of the theatre. The site was the marketed by Miles & Barr Commercial with Westwood One being announced as the successful bidder the following year.


  1. Although an error/mistake was made, placing an entertainment up for sale for a reputable estate agent, after the owner Matt Milchard and sisters Parisa and Zahra Tarjomani, have invested money, time, and effort in bringing a much-loved venue back in use, I don’t think the apology was enough, this could have irreversibly damaged future shows, ticket sales, further investments, and could have damaged the reputation of the venue. The apology and mistake should have been made/corrected sooner.

    People sometimes forget, that posting anything online, even if for a short space of time, and even if later deleted, could have potentially been shared, and had influence over hundreds of thousands, if not millions not just in Thanet, and the UK, but across the world.

    Hopefully, mistakes like this won’t ever happen again, and I would encourage everyone to fully SUPPORT THE THEATRE, MUSIC, AND ENTERTAINMENT VENUES, as we are losing far too many as it is.

  2. Of course the upload was a mistake, but you have to ask yourself who had access to the building, who showed them around a who was the person and their relationship to the owners who probably discussed value and the like?

    Elsewhere, evidence on companies house and from the horses mouth indicate that they may have money difficulties and who doesn’t in broken Britain?

    The real questions it raises is TDC fit to dispose of our assets that can do easily be sold on and be lost forever to the tax payers of Thanet.

    I also hope that now the threats to sue me will desist and that in future damage limitations is confined to the relevant parties and not writing abusive comments and again whipping up hostility on Facebook.

    Professional communications to the right people at the right time save hours of numbing tittle tattle.

    Thanks to Kathy for putting this story together.

    • You mean the tittle tattle from you and your associate
      Ian ‘the voice of truth’ Driver.
      I imagine an apology to the owners of the theatre will be forthcoming from you both for the scurrilous rumours you spread.

    • Totally inexcusable and unprofessional behaviour by Lovetts.
      The sales details read like they were written by someone very pissed and “having a laugh” – just imagine if you found out that an estate agent created a false listing for your property/business and took a week to apologise!

  3. Thank goodness the owners received an apology after all the stress this has caused them. I truly believe that this theatre is in wonderful hands at I look forward to watching its long, happy and successful future play out!

  4. I would imagine if you need to borrow against something you need to have it valued correctly for the lender.
    The easiest way would be to do exactly this and no costs of surveyors.

  5. Picking the truth from the evasion, reflections, smoke mirrors , deflection, obfuscation and carefully collated facts from the various statements on this topic needs a columbo marple collaboration. Only time will tell.

  6. I actually wonder whether the son is ok as noticed lately he’s been posting/sharing some very odd stuff on New Thanet Chat, normally late evening.

  7. What happened to my comment saying that I don’t trust the people behind the “**********” project? Can’t see how that breaks the rules, no more than people on here (say) don’t trust our MPs or TDC or The Daily Mail or anything else that is somehow OK?

    • Your comment was actually asking if another party – not involved in any way- was behind it. That’s not a vague, I don’t trust MPs, it is an (inaccurate) accusation made about a specific organisation. So, it was deleted.

  8. So the owners didn’t know about the estate agents wandering around pricing up the building!!
    This will be sold by next summer, clearly not going the way they thought and now want out!
    I blame those pesky kids

  9. You have to ask yourself.. How does a so called estate agent market a property for 1.5m without a signed contract with an agreed % commission of sale . Something not quite right here.

  10. I think mistakes were made and apologies have been made. no one’s died. the agent was a bit over eager trying to maximise who they thought were the owners profits.. what’s the issue here.. everyone needs to take the chips off the shoulder for a bit..

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