Chilton pupils explore evolution and genetics

Exploring genetics

Genetics and how it shapes who were are is being explored by children at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

The fascinating idea of evolution has been investigated by Year 6 in their thematic learning under the title Darwin’s Delights that considers Charles Darwin’s ground-breaking theories.

To help them dig deeper into the subject, the year group was joined by science teacher Lauren Smith from Chatham and Clarendon Grammar Schools wowed them by explaining how the genetics from our parents pass down traits that make us who we are.

By making models of an imaginary creature called a Reebop, the children learned when livings things reproduce, their offspring are similar but different to their parents.

Chilton’s Science leader Carol Isaac said: “We want our children to be inspired by their learning.

“Having a science expert visit us and teach us something relevant to our current topic made the learning memorable and exciting. Our children were so engaged and these inspirational experiences enthralled them – there were smiles all round.

“We have more lessons with CCGS planned for next term and we can’t wait to plan even more for the future.”

Head of School Alex McAuley added: “Sharing expertise to make sure our children get the very best educational experience is vital for Chilton. It gives us all a new perspective on learning and really helps our children develop their skills and knowledge base.”