Margate FC Community Trust project to help Thanet’s homeless

Margate Football Club grounds (Photo by MFC)

Margate Community Trust, in partnership with the Thanet Rise Team and others, has launched a new project to help tackle rough sleeping.

Margate FC is making its Hartsdown Park facilities available every Friday to offer facilities nd services to people who are currently homeless.

With support from the Margate Supporters Club and its mini-bus, rough sleepers were collected from four pick-up points in Thanet and brought back to Margate FC’s Hartsdown Park for the first session on October 6.

While at the grounds, service users have access to a hot shower, a hot meal and health services on site including a nurse and the NHS dental van. Thanet housing members are also present with a representative from HSBC due to be at future who will assist service users with setting up a no address bank account to help them access funds that they might be entitled to.

Service users also have the option to have all their clothes washed and dried and can take new clothing from a clothes bank that is in operation on the day. Football sessions are also available for those that want to get some exercise.

For those that want to relax, they have access to a warm shelter where they can also chat with a mental health worker from the Head in the Game charity.

The Community Trust has thanked Thanet District Council, Changing Minds Kent, Head in the Game and the Isthmian League Trident fund who have supported grants and services to ensure that this project will run every Friday at Hartsdown Park until the end of April 2024.

Community Trust Director Ryan Day said he was overwhelmed by the start of the project and recognises the impact it is having already.

He added: “It has taken a lot of work from the club and the Trust to get this project off the ground. Only two weeks in and we are already seeing the impact it is having on the local community.

“One attendee on the first week said the best thing about the day was the chance to interact with other people. When you hear things like that it makes you aware of how much we all take life for granted, but also it is a huge indicator that this football club is having an incredible effect on its local community.

“It is easy to get caught up in the day to day running of a football club, but I firmly believe that projects like this show how much this club working hard to serve its community”.

Anyone looking for some further information on the project is urged to contact [email protected]

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  1. Well done all involved in this brilliant exercise (for want of a better word) it’s a small but much needed help for the homeless, these things that are being done by Margate fc and the other groups is going to help so many and give them something to look forward to and it’s a start this is something our government now past & future should help with along with so much other help that is needed, what Margate fc & friends etc are doing is a start we need more like them providing other assistance the homeless are in need of somewhere inside and a little warmer than sleeping in a shelter (a luxury) for them I know that thanet over the winter months a place of warmth is provided by the salvation army and others, my very first job the boss lived in Greenwich and there was a hostel in Deptford he sent a van up. On some days when we needed extra workforce for as many as he needed they got a wage everything was above board we usually had 4 who would work as hard as full time and they where grateful for the chance to be with us who treated them no differently we chatted as we worked laughing and joking as we normal where they stayed home owners treated them like dirt, the 4 regular chaps were ex Forces I already respected everyone as I was raised that way but I learned very quick true respect trust and honesty at 14 , we need another hostel type place for them to stay at night all year round not just winter and some companies to give those who wish to work the chance of a couple of days work you will be supprised what these things can do to a homeless persons in giving them a lift feeling a sense of worth and wellbeing.

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