Boots in Cliftonville expected to shut in January

Boots in Northdown Road (google maps)

Boots chemist in Cliftonville is expected to close next January, staff have been informed.

Earlier this year the pharmacy chain’s US-owners said they would be shutting around 300 branches in a bid to consolidate the business.

The stores affected are generally within 2km of another branch. Boots has outlets in both Margate town and Northdown Road in Cliftonville.

Owners Walgreens Boots Alliance previously said a “transformation plan” was being put in place, adding that there had been a rise in people shopping online and choosing own-brand labels.

Boots ‘consolidation’ is expected to mean that staff at affected stores are deployed to other branches.

Boots says it is not commenting on store closures at this stage.

County Councillor Barry Lewis said: “This is terrible news at a time when government says we should be using  chemists as well as doctors’ surgeries to keep people healthy.”



  1. What has the government got to do with private companies businesses you have to blame the general public for what’s happening as boots say people are buying online no job losses according to their statement they will probably go to the Margate Boots we have another chemist in northdown road next to Tesco not such a hardship for people to go there I don’t agree what all these large companies are doing people need to.change there shopping habits it’s none of the governments business no government whoever is in Westminster can tell them how to run there business.

  2. That’s a shame, but not a surprise. I use this branch all the time, will look at other local alternatives, not going to Margate.

  3. That is a surprise, as just about everyone in Cliftonville looks like they’re either on or need medication!

      • There is only one other Boots, down in Margate Phyllis not two!

        Boots Cliftonville has been there for a very long time. At least 100 years, maybe longer. It will be a shame to see it go, but not surprising really as times change. I wouldn’t blame Covid or Brexit, just lack of use and unable to compete with other premises anymore.

  4. Next thing you know they will be closing WH Smith’s in Cliftonvile & Lavells in Margate high street.

  5. Last time i went in there the shelves were pretty bare, it was only really somewhere to pick up a prescription, but now that there are two other pharmacies in northdown road ( both much smaller and with attendant costs) it really was never going to survive.
    It’d be no suprise to see the margate branch follow suit too , another tatty unappealing store that I can only assume is unable to exit its lease on sensible terms.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Margate one go either-badly stocked & the staff in there see you as a nuisance when you want to pay at the till-which is nearly always unmanned. Just keep the excellent store at Westwood.

  6. It’s not the only place you can purchase drugs from in Margate or Cliftonville, you see it as you drive through with enterprising multicultural persons being young entrepreneurs, providing the service to people. Even without prescriptions.

    • Not forgetting the purveyors of medical drugs imported from unknown sources and provenance and sold to those who are unwilling for whatever reason to interact with the nhs. Not unknown for veterinary pharmaceuticals being sold to some parts of the community . This from someone working within the various intervention teams.

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