Chilton children and families donation for Thanet Food Link

Harvest Festival at Chilton

A harvest of kindness and caring has produced a mini mountain of food for local worthwhile causes, thanks to Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

Pupils, families and staff donated an array of packets and tins of food as well as fresh fruit that will be donated to the area’s needy by the Thanet Food Link charity.

Head of School Alex McAuley said: “Our Harvest Festival assemblies for pupils and families were uplifting events for our school community.

“Chilton is always keen to support charities and worthwhile causes. At our assemblies we sang harvest celebration songs, showed off our themed artwork, enjoyed short drama performances and heard pupils read out poems they had written.

Singing at the choir

“The overall focus was on the need to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This ethos underpins one of the many core values our children learn throughout their school life with us.

“Once again we were overwhelmed with generous donations from our families for the charity that carries out much-needed work with a cross-section of our community.

“It is a positive act for our children to know that they can help make life a little brighter for some families and individuals who need support.”

Pupils celebrate their artwork and drama at harvest festival assembly.

Fact File: Thanet Food Link:

The registered charity was originally established in April 2013 by Harvest New Anglican and St. Paul’s Church in Cliftonville.

It takes referrals from agencies who work directly with people in need including children’s centres, support agencies, schools, associations supporting disabled people, community centres and NHS health trainers as well as enquiries from people in need.

After registering, it provides them and those in their household with a minimum of three days emergency food.

On its website, the charity states: “Thanet Food Link is proud to have served the local community for more than 10 years.”

To find out more go online to which has full contact information and details on how to register for the service and how to help with donations.