Young archaeologists unearth history at St Laurence CE Junior Academy

Youngsters digging into history

In an expedition through time and soil, Year 4 and 5 students at St Laurence CE Junior Academy embarked on an archaeological adventure, uncovering fascinating traces of the past right in their school grounds.

As part of their history curriculum, the youngsters dived into a hands-on experience exploring the world of the Anglo-Saxons.

Connah, a student in Year 5, said: “I was really excited when we found a cannonball in the ground!” His enthusiasm was shared by many of his peers, who were equally enthralled by the historical treasures they stumbled upon.

The archaeological dig was a part of their history unit on Anglo-Saxons, giving students an opportunity to explore history first-hand. Under the guidance of their teachers, the budding archaeologists were granted access to a designated part of the school field, where they meticulously excavated, cleaned, categorised, and documented their discoveries. This experiential learning not only brought their history lessons to life but also fostered a genuine appreciation for the process of historical exploration.

It’s not uncommon for such archaeological endeavours to yield unexpected surprises, and the students of St Laurence CE Junior Academy were no exception. In addition to the planned historical artefacts, a few extra treasures surfaced that were not intentionally buried by the teaching staff. These unanticipated discoveries added an extra layer of excitement to the adventure, reminding students that history can often be full of surprises.

Mrs Campbell, Year 5 teacher and the History lead at the school, said: “What a fantastic experience the Year 4 and 5 children had at the archaeological dig! Not only were the children able to become archaeologists for the day, but they participated in the process it takes to excavate and process artefacts, record, and estimate how old the artefacts may have been. An exciting experience had by all involved!”

The archaeological dig at St Laurence CE Junior Academy allowed students to get their hands dirty, enriching their understanding of history and also nurturing their curiosity and passion for learning.