Views wanted on Thanet Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

Cycling route

Public views are being requested for a Thanet Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (CWIP) which walking, wheeling and cycling charity Sustrans is working on with Thanet District Council.

The CWIP is a district wide plan which seeks to connect people and places with safe and accessible routes for everyone. This will help Thanet achieve its targets on carbon neutrality while improving air quality, health, access and the economy.

The project is focusing on the rural part of the district and will build on the work undertaken in 2021 which focused on the urban areas of Thanet.

This network assumes that the Inner Circuit network of roads (which includes the North Thanet Link) will be delivered alongside pedestrian and cycle improvements.

In June this year Sustrans held some preliminary in-person workshops and throughout July and August ran an online consultation tool to help them understand where people in Thanet wanted to walk and cycle, and the main barriers preventing this.

Using the information gathered at the workshops and through the online consultation tool, in combination with desk-based analysis, Sustrans has drafted the walking and cycling network.

In September, Sustrans hosted a second round of engagement workshops to gain feedback on the draft networks. An online consultation is open until Monday 16 October and includes a map showing planned routes.

Find it at Thanet Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan | Sustrans Community Map


  1. How about they sort out the dropped curb situation to make it easier for wheelchair users to get out and enjoy life

      • “wheeling and cycling charity Sustrans is working on with Thanet District Council.”

        Maybe thanet district council could have a word then

    • I don’t know where you live but here in Cliftonville, it’s not a lack of dropped kerbs that are the problem for wheelchair users, it’s the people who park cars across them and on the pavements as well.

  2. What’s the point of having new cycle and walking routes around the coast when the public toilets aren’t open for half the year ?

  3. There needs to be more cycle friendly routes. There are drivers on the road who think it funny to pass way too close….

    Take a leaf out of Netherlands book and build cycle routes that compliments road traffic and promotes a greener choice.

    • I am constantly baffled that it is not a requirement to use a cycle path when present. They narrow the roads to put them in and people still use the road causing cars no room to pass safely

        • He is talking about when there are cycle lanes, and yet the cycling world seems to ignore them and just use the already narrowed road

        • Phyllis, its rare to see cyclists on the road nowadays, they prefer the pavement! I was a cyclist for some 28 years, but had to give it up last year due to age and infirmity! Now I use a mobility scooter most days, and the pavements are a nightmare, certainly from the Ramsgate Viaduct towards Pysons Road!

          Its mainly due to tree roots that have pushed up causing large bumps in the pavement, but also people who have lowered kerbs to park their cars in their front garden, and don’t get me started on people who fail to cut their hedges back, which block access on the pavements. And yes, this survey should include dropped kerbs, and people who park their cars on them! I got stuck on a traffic island a week or so ago, when someone did this, but some very kind drivers stopped to let me off!

          • All for cycling, but not to keen on the wannabe Wiggins, they seem to think they have the right of way anywhere they ride. All bikes should have a bell at least, riders catch pedestrians by surprise when coming from behind one step to the left or right could cause a problem.

      • As I cyclist, I’d much rather use a road, as they’re (mostly) in far better condition. It’s particularly bad on the A299 coming into Birchington, has whenever there are accidents, the glass just gets swept onto cycle lanes. I once had 3 punctures in two weeks!

    • Totally agree! Even though there is a cycle path and cycle lane for much of the route, there are so many potholes and often cars parked randomly in the cycle lane, that the cyclist often has no choice but to cycle in the road.

  4. Tony appreciate that you are baffled,
    I always use cycle paths or shared spaces if they are safe, however often they are not the road between St Peters and Margate Hospital was obstructed by overgrown vegetation. KCC cut it when their budget allowed.

  5. Fred, I think you’ll find that all new bikes have to have a bell, and reflectors front and back as well as on the wheel. They should also have a clear light at the front and a red one at the back which can either be a steady light or a flashing one.

    • Margate Bloke, unfortunately nobody checks these things anymore. When I was at school, bobbies-on-the-beat used to stop us quite regularly and check our bikes to make sure we had bells and reflectors and that the brakes worked properly etc. They would make us walk it home if it wasn’t up to scratch.
      Nowadays you have children as young as 10 zooming up the pavements on e-scooters and nobody says a duckie bird.

  6. Try getting the idiots on bikes that race along the wall to Reculver to slow down and show respect to pedestrians who are out for a stroll. When does a cycle stop being just a peddle before it becomes a road race.

    • As a cyclist AND a rambler, I can say that walkers are often just as bad for deliberately getting in the way – particularly when they have dogs.

      • walkers are not the issue, its cyclists, always. you sound like you should probably follow jeremy vine on twitter, he loves to conplain about everything cycling wise

          • oh you would love jeremy vine, hes some sort of crappy tv show host, and hes a cyclist who hates everyone else on the road, i ride a motorbike, and amongst the daily dangers on the road, i would have to put cyclists right up there with audi and bmw drivers

          • Motorbikes are for people too lazy to peddle.

            (and I stopped watched TV in 1976, after Brucie left The Generation Game and ‘Supersonic’ was cancelled).

          • I walk my dogs once a day, we are not all blessed with getting out the house, caring for a partner means limited time out, im lucky i get a 3night trip to wales each year

      • walkers are not the issue, its cyclists, always. you sound like you should probably follow jeremy vine on twitter, he loves to complain about everything cycling wise…

      • why would i want one of those, im 53, past caring about fitness, not that i ever was, you seem to be obsessed with bikes, get a motorbike, much more fun

        • Past caring about fitness at 53, hahaha!

          I’m 72, and still in reasonable shape – but then I’ve never relied on engines to get me around.

          • good for you, and may you have many more happy fit years,my healths not all that, and im not really that bothered,motorbike does what is needed

          • well im not, ive smoked over 40 years of my life, i dont get out the house, im settled with what it is, why would it need to be anything else.. now go enjoy your good health and your push bike.

          • well im not, ive smoked over 40 years of my life, i dont get out the house, im settled with what it is, why would it need to be anything else.. now go enjoy your good health and your push bike. ..

          • Do you need someone to give you a hand getting of that high horse, woman your age could slip a hip if not careful

  7. If anyone has anything constructive to add to the Sustrans Survey, just a gentle reminder to do so today as the deadline is the 16th October. This is much more productive than posting anti-council comments in the chat on unrelated topics. The funding for this project comes from Active Travel England and would have been spent elsewhere in the County had the council had not successfully applied for it to be used for a dedicated Cycling and Walking project in Thanet. This may come as a surprise to those in the chat but council officers also pay taxes and feel that it is much better that we take the opportunity to improve the infrastructure in Thanet seriously, rather than rejecting it on spurious grounds. If you are too infirm, ill or lazy to walk or cycle yourself it is still possible that you have family members that are not ideologically opposed to it. They may even welcome the provision of safer routes and sustainable transport initiatives to access the schools and key areas of employment across the district, so please don’t squander the opportunity to have your say and help shape the future of Thanet. Any comments regarding mobility scooters on pavements can be added to the walking section. And remember, not everyone owns a car, particularly in the more deprived wards, so this will still have tangible benefits even if nobody in the chat reduces their existing car use. The good news is that any measures that encourage walking or cycling will help prevent increases in traffic pollution and improve health outcomes in the district, in addition to relieving financial pressures on the NHS. Not least from road traffic accidents involving cyclists and walkers, where Thanet currently tops the charts in Kent.

    Thank you in advance for your considered engagement with this valuable project.

    [email protected]

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