First Birchington Neighbourhood Plan going to referendum this month

Birchington Neighbourhood Plan

The first Birchington Neighbourhood Plan is going to referendum on Thursday 26 October. Residents will receive poll cards from Thanet District Council.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a type of planning document, introduced in the Localism Act 2011, which allows local people to have a say in the future growth and development of their community.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities and residents the power to develop a shared vision for their area.

The Birchington Plan sets out policies with the aim of preserving the unique characteristics of the village, while ensuring that future changes sustain the vibrancy of the community, help to sustain local businesses, conserve heritage and protect green spaces.

The Plan will remain in place until 2031 but will be subject to review each year by the Parish Council. Any major changes in future would be subject to further community involvement.

The Plan has been prepared following public consultation, which took place between August and October 2021. It was formally submitted to Thanet District Council on 7 December 2021.

The creation of the plan was based on extensive community engagement between 2017 and 2021. A revised version was then prepared and approved by the Parish Council on 30 November 2021. It was scrutinised by an independent examiner between June 2022 and July 2023. He recommended some modifications and these were accepted by the Parish Council and Thanet District Council. The amended Plan is known as the “Referendum Version.”

The Birchington Neighbourhood Plan helps to decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area and gives the community a voice in the planning process. This could be anything from protecting local green spaces from development to preserving local heritage and community assets.

The Plan covers topics that include:

  • Conserving village character
  • Guidelines for designing new development
  • Heritage and conservation
  • New areas of High Townscape Value
  • Developer Contributions
  • Green and Open Spaces
  • Trees, hedgerows and landscapes
  • Movement and getting around
  • Agriculture
  • Housing Quantity and Quality
  • Support for the local businesses
  • Health, Social Care and Education
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Community facilities and projects

The question asked in the referendum is ‘Do you want Thanet District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Birchington to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

Everyone aged 18 and above has a right to vote.

For more details go to

Summaries of the plan will be available in various locations in the village

Come to a drop-in session on Saturday 21 October between 10.30am and 3pm at the

Centre, in Alpha Road and the parish council will be on hand to answer your questions


  1. The People of Birchington have already done enough damage in Thanet.
    When TDC’s Draft Local Plan was launched, the noble burghers started a pressure group “Birchington against the Local Plan “. They were successful in their endeavours. The draft LP, which was quite benign, was ditched, and replaced with the current one.
    And because this plan “protects” Manston for aviation only use, the extra 1000s of houses included have to be built elsewhere.
    Around Birchington, for example.

  2. Andrew: you’d have thought that they would have thought it through. Everyone was aware that the formula to calculate housing numbers was changing. It was blooming obvious that if a new LP was required, there would be 1000s more houses. And that if using Manston was ruled out, then those extra thousands of houses would have to go somewhere. Like greenfields round Birchington.

  3. There doesn’t not seem to be fence to keep in daft cross dressing NIMBYs who suffer from aerial delusions.Certainly those living in Birchington are in a class of their own,if the pink Checksfield is anything to go by!

  4. No just daft and with a phobia against everyone not residing in your little world.
    I won’t bother with the trans phobic accusation as it is ridiculous.Far from being trans phobic, I am always ready to live and let live, but not you as you are incorrigible.

    • Mr Nokes, Peter Checksfield has two main aims . Firstly, he seeks attention. Secondly, he tries to annoy as many people as possible. The best thing to do , I am reliably informed, is to completely ignore his comments, but this is sometimes impossible because he is so rude and unpleasant that the natural response is to criticize him.

  5. Ms pink I don’t live in Birchington but I do work there and I think your comments are so good and direct brilliant

  6. He/She is not annoying just sad.Because he/she cannot add anything to a debate,he/she indulges in childish outbursts.I would have more respect for he/she if just for once he/she posted something which is backed up by evidence and reason.
    Why Peter Checksfield wants to be known as Ms Pink,the lord alone knows, but if it makes him/her happy so be it

  7. Walking the coast and streets of Westgate and Birchington , Minnis Bay are far more pleasurable than anything Ramsgate and Margate can offer, the people are polite and pleasant ,unlike the scum of the earth that are polluting the once great places to live just a few miles away.

    • On my daily walk into town (Ramsgate), I pass a variety of people. Parents taking children to school. The road sweeper. Several shop keepers. The supermarket check-out lady. Random strangers.
      At the very least, there’ll be a nod and smile. Very often, there will be a bit a of chat.
      I don’t know which Ramsgate you’re talking about. It’s not the one I live in.

  8. I live in Ramsgate, and Fred seems to be visiting a very different town from the one I- and my local friends and acquaintances- know.

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