Thanet paranormal group on the hunt for more locations to investigate

Sean Brady, of Thanet Paranormal Association, says the group is looking for more locations to investigate

A paranormal group in Thanet is urging anyone who wants an investigation carried out at their property to get in touch.

Sean Brady, who runs Thanet Paranormal Association, says investigations have been carried out in areas from Margate to Gravesend but, with Halloween coming up, he says now is the ideal time to explore even more.

The 31-year-old, from Margate, began the group with mum Tina in 2021 and had grown it to around 300 members.

Sadly, Tina passed away last year and now Sean is redoubling his efforts to get the group active.

The dad-of-four said: “I started the group up a couple of years ago with my mum and we got stuck at around 300 odd members but after my mum passed away last year it gave me the drive to kickstart it again.

“In the last month the group has more than doubled and we are in talks about a lot of investigations around Kent.

“I come from a Pagan background and my mum was a practising witch and I have experienced a lot of stuff over the years to do with the paranormal, spirits are quite attracted to me.

“We are due to investigate more places in Margate and another offered in Ashford. One of the more recent ones was the old bank in Margate Old Town which was quite active. After reviewing the footage we recorded there, we caught a lot of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) capturing spirits’ voices and my friend John had his jumper pulled on while he was in the basement.

“We do our investigations free of charge and we do cleansings.

“We’d like to get in more places that haven’t been done before and we’d like even more members.”

Sean streams investigation footage on facebook live and is looking to set up some other channels for the footage.

To find out more go the Thanet Paranormal Association on facebook


  1. Wooohooo, “ any body there” yes loads of us, mind you we are standing in the cemetery!!!!! “ I’m looking for a ghost writer if you know of one.

  2. How come ,with all the tv shows on this and people going on about ghosts,no one ,has ever taken a photograph of a ghost.The presenters always say they feel a presence,but never get a photograph.I will believe ,it, if anyone showed a real photograph,not a mock up,just like Jessie in loch ness

    • There have been many taken, but very few remotely credible. Probably the most credible-in that experts on Arthur C Clarke’s show in the 1980’s were unable to prove it a hoax or double exposure like they were others, was the Spectre of Newby Church photo.

  3. This is what Wikipedia says:
    “Proposals regarding the paranormal are different from scientific hypotheses or speculations extrapolated from scientific evidence because scientific ideas are grounded in empirical observations and experimental data gained through the scientific method. In contrast, those who argue for the existence of the paranormal explicitly do not base their arguments on empirical evidence but rather on anecdote, testimony, and suspicion. The standard scientific models give the explanation that what appears to be paranormal phenomena is usually a misinterpretation, misunderstanding, or anomalous variation of natural phenomena”.
    That goes someway to explaining why there are no credible photographs or sound recordings of ghosts.

      • This is what Wikipedia says:
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          • This is what Wikipedia says:
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  4. Have they tried Manston yet? I hear there are sightings of ‘phantom investors’, ‘ghost jobs’, ’undead polluting planes’, a ‘ghoul’ often appears.

  5. They should give the listed building at 19 Hawley Square, Margate a go. They would need to ask TDC for access as it’s empty property and boarded up but under their ownership.

    A few times as a kid back in the 60’s did we feel a presence on the top floor, the sounds of steady slow footsteps coming up the stairs and getting closer then the bedcovers thrown in the air, then silence and nobody there. It is supposed to be haunted by a ghost from the Theatre Royal just across the road who used the Guest house, and or a teacher/pupil who was based there when it was the Margate College prep school last century.

    I would love to hear the result of any paranormal investigation there.

  6. This reminds me of the very funny episode of the comedy ‘Ghosts’ where they invited ghosthunters in to look around the mansion but the equipment was nonsense and so didn’t help them find the actual ghosts in the house who were trying to interfere with the equipment. I’m torn between finding this hilarious; “my mate Dave had his jumper pulled” (unequivocal proof of a ghost) and being secretly fascinated as to whether they would sense anything in my house. It’s 300 years old, we have a spooky blocked up tunnel in the basement (not charted on the Ramsgate tunnels maps) and we’re next to a graveyard. I have never felt any presence whatsoever in my decade living here except for the mice scrabbling around in the walls. I don’t believe in ghosts but I have had certain experiences in my previous house that I can’t explain. My daughter finds that amusing – “If you don’t believe in ghosts, why did it scare you?!”. I prefer scientific explanations but good luck to them. Hopefully most people just see it as a bit of fun.

  7. Have you tried the council offices. Some say there’s abnormal activity there . People moving around pretending to work.

  8. what a bunch of pseudoscientific, crackpot based, grifting dogsh!t.

    its 2023, and people are still out here trying to grift the gullible when they’re at their most vulnerable with non scientific woo-woo about ghosts and spirits…

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