Broadstairs tree warden launches petition to urge change in rules for fly-tipping clearance

Fly-tip on St Peter's farmland in 2023

Voluntary tree warden Karen McKenzie has launched a petition to try and force a change regarding the clearance of fly tipping from farmland sites.

The Broadstairs resident and artist says the burden of removing illegally dumped waste should not lie with the farmland owner but should be contributed to by local government.

She said: “”It is time for the law to be changed.  Farmers should not have to pay for cleaning up what is a wider societal problem.

“All layers of government where we pay taxes could perhaps contribute to a scheme that would compensate farmers who have to clear up after these environmental vandals who think they are above the law.

“If we can’t solve this problem then at least the farmers shouldn’t have to pick up the bill.”

Karen with her dog Sandy

Karen was prompted to set up the petition after seeing two fly-tips in the same place on land behind St Peter’s churchyard.

In April 2020 to March 2021 (the most recent statistic available)  there were 1.13 million fly-tipping incidents across the country, an increase of 16% from the 980,000 reported in 2019/20.

The most common size category for fly-tipping incidents was equivalent to a ‘small van load’ (34% of total incidents) with this type of tipping usually including big items; furniture, white goods, mattresses and builders waste.

Karen says North Thanet MP Roger Gale has indicated he will discuss the matter with MP Craig Mackinlay and says local councillors support the initiative too.

You can find the petition on Change Org at

Dealing with fly-tips

The council says it endeavours to act promptly to investigate when a fly-tip is reported and the waste is removed as quickly as possible to prevent further items being dumped at the same spot

There is CCTV in known hotspots across the district. Fly-tipping can lead to a £400 fixed penalty notice or a criminal prosecution and up to five years in prison.

If a resident sees any fly-tipping in the district, they are asked to report it via the council’s online form. There is also an online map which shows existing fly-tipping reports which TDC is in the process of investigating.

More information is available on the council’s website.


  1. Anyone caught fly-tipping should have to clear up this sort of mess. As should others who have to do community service. And community service should be part of the penalty for all minor crimes. Councils / government could provide the funding for a supervisor and the equipment for the disposal.

  2. Has it been confirmed with an foi request that there are cameras monitoring known problem areas and are these cameras in addition to the existing fixed CCTV the council has? My guess is , No. If there is then ypu’d hope that port ramsgate has decent coverage and that action will be taken.

  3. £400 fine……ridiculous, should at least be £4k and made to clear up their own and future tipping for a couple of years plus wear the dreaded ankle bracelet, absolute scum of he earth.

  4. Susan carey Kent County council environmental cabinet member (conservative) has publicly stated that fly tipping has decreased, obviously wrong, she then quotes kcc official figures which only include fly tipping on kcc land and excludes private land including farm land. So if kcc dont even admit there is a problem they will not obviously solve it !!

  5. Some time ago I reported repeated Fly Tipping at the junction of Boundary Road, and Chatham Place, Ramsgate, to TDC Online. This is a regular occurrence, and I know who is doing it, its the Volunteer Litter Pickers! They collect litter in white TDC rubbish bags, and put them against the school wall, where they are attacked by vermin. The result is the litter gets scattered down the road, and pavement! All these numpties are doing is transferring litter from one place to another! Every effort made to try and discover who is doing this Fly Tipping, has failed! The best answer would be to stop issuing the white TDC rubbish bags to volunteer Litter Pickers!

  6. I agree. As well as the fixed penalty the culprits should be made to pay the cleaning costs. If they can’t pay confiscate the vehicles. And what about a few more Names and Shames so friends colleagues and family know what the culprits have done.

  7. I don’t believe TDC act quickly as described in the report.
    There is a repeat hot spot at the end of Brockley Road in Cliftonville next to the old Voting Station/chapel. Always mattresses, furniture and building/decorating waste tipped there and it lays there for weeks at a time building up, but as soon as it does get removed it starts again. Why no CCTV at this Hot Spot where it has been going on for years?

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