Winter warmer menu at Lilies prompted by log chopping accident

Jools is introducing the winter warmers menu after putting an axe through his toe!

An axe through your toe might not normally be the thing to prompt a change of menu but that is the case for chef and business owner Jools Moore.

The dad-of-one, who runs Lilies restaurant and tapas bar in Cliff Terrace, Cliftonville, was chopping logs last week when the axe slipped from the wood and through Jools’ left boot, splitting his toe in half.

An operation to fix metal screws in the toe and stitch it up was carried out at QEQM Hospital but Jools is now under strict orders to rest for six to eight weeks.

Running the kitchen single-handed, especially with a tapas menu which involves a lot of preparation, meant Jools was contemplating closing up and selling his motorbike to keep on top of the bills.

But, instead, he has come up with a winter warmers menu which will also be available as takeaway.

Jools said: “The amount of food preparation for tapas is very involved with a lot of walking and running around so I decided to change the model and do winter warmer one pot dishes, Every weekend the menu will change and I will be doing takeaways.

“I think I’ll probably work my way around England and Europe doing different stews and hot pots and keep it going until March.

“There will also be soup and toasted sandwiches at lunch time and a meal deal to keep everything affordable.

“I am looking at providing for locals and making sure it is value for money as everyone’s costs are going up.

“I’m hoping that this is something people will support and enjoy.”

Jools has run Lilies as a permanent venture at the site after taking over from the former Kitchen CT9 premises in June last year.

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  1. Nice idea . However I for one want to spend my money on something that I can’t cook at home when I go out for a treat.

    • Hi Brando, you can actually cook anything at home you’ll find in a restaurant anywhere in the world if you have the skill time and money to recreate a dish.
      Thanks for you kind words!

  2. Handsome chef, giving me Marco Pierre White vibes.
    Love the idea of this menu and great to see this ingenuity from a local entrepreneur.
    Speedy recovery, Jools!

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