Ramsgate Arts Primary ‘eco guardians’ take action to clean up the town

RAPS team armed with litter grabbers and bin bags

Young ‘eco guardians’ from Ramsgate Arts primary are helping keep their town tidy.

Children from year 6 are the latest from the school to back Cllr Raushan Ara in her ongoing regular war against litter and rubbish.

In recent years RAPS pupils have been at the forefront supporting the community effort to make sure the environment around their school and the town centre is spic and span.

This time the group, accompanied by teachers, met the Ramsgate councillor in the middle of town and, armed with pickers and bin bags, they tackled litter in car parks and the high street area.

Cllr Ara said she is “delighted with the support” she receives from the community as part of her regular purges against rubbish in and around the town.

RAPS Head of School Nick Budge said: “This is real community spirit in action. Cllr Ara and her team of volunteers do a great job for Ramsgate and our school is always pleased to play a part.

“RAPS has a strong community belief and we encourage our children to support their environment in any way they can.”

Children also monitor how the school cares for the planet, the community, and they look at issues including recycling, litter clearing, reducing the use of plastic and using electricity wisely in school, and protecting wildlife.

Mr Budge added: “Our core value at RAPS is that caring for the environment never stops.

“As they progress through our year groups our children become actively aware of how important it is to be responsible with conservation in mind, ranging from clearing rubbish and recycling through to the impact that humans have upon the environment, deforestation, climate change, pollution, fair trade, and renewable and non-renewable energy.”


  1. unbelievable , getting school children to clean up this dump of a town , i cannot remember the last time i saw a roadsweeper in ramsgate , our rates should be paying for this , what about all the money ramsgate harbour earns that we never hear about ??

  2. Council Tax hiked up to the maximum TDC are allowed to each year by law for years and years and it has come to this.

    Not taking anything away from the work the kids are doing but this is utterly shameful.

  3. Wonder how they plan to tackle the problem of China, USA & Russia making most of the pollution in the world & that even if every other country in the world hit net zero today, it would make no real difference without those three changing? Guess the leftie teachers that push this nonsense don’t address that.

    • How are you tackling the problem ? I bet you’ve typed that comment on a device made in China and shipped across the world.

      China’s emissions are high for a reason. Because we have an insatiable appetite for the cheap stuff they produce.

      • Probably, but where else are you going to find electronics that aren’t manufactured out there? However, I have never been on a plane, never driven a vehicle, do all the recycling I can etc-which is likely more than the Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion etc lot can claim-although it makes no difference either way as the UK is barely on the map, when it comes to pollution.

        There is no way to tackle the problem without those three countries & India who I forgot playing ball & that is never going to happen-just admit the planet is doomed & enjoy the 50 degree summers & 35 degree winters.

  4. Well I like to see the young being educated about litter but TDC need to get their act together and get around all of the town….Could we also give them spades and dig out the industrial levels of weeds.Again total neglect by TDC.

  5. Cllr alra should hang your head in shame, children put at risk of dirty needles and other hazard waste just so you can look like you are doing something good. Tdc are paid to clean up Thanet so employ more street cleaners and stop using children as free workers

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