Twenty homes plan for waste site in Broadstairs formerly owned by W Brazil and Sons

The site

An application to build 20 homes in Broadstairs has been lodged with Thanet council.

The proposal is for the redevelopment of the waste transfer site in Sacketts Hill formerly owned by W Brazil and Sons, for 8 four-bed, 4 two-bed and 3 one-bed homes alongside existing building The Lodge.

The proposal includes six affordable homes and has been submitted on behalf of the 1948 Group Ltd.

The site currently has an Environment Agency (EA) license for waste transfer operations. The proposal would involve the surrender of the current EA licence and the relocation of services to a consolidated location, likely to be Thanet Waste Services at Richborough.

Waste site

The facility was previously operated by W Brazil and Brothers and has since been bought by the 1948 Group.

A Phase 1 Land Contamination Assessment makes a number of recommendations and concludes that, subject to remediation, the site could be used for housing.

Plans would include an internal road on a circular route around ‘the Lodge’, which the new dwellings would front.

The existing mature perimeter planting is proposed to be retained and strengthened although 16 trees are earmarked for removal.

Solar panels are proposed on the upper two storey flat roofs with green roofs on the single storey areas, including the garages.

Coloured blocks housing, grey blocks garages

The site is in an existing Green Wedge. Planning documents say it is “a unique opportunity to remedy the unattractive condition of the site and secure the remediation of previously developed land.

“Additional environmental benefits would be derived through on-site ecological enhancements and the opportunity to move away from the type of vehicle trip generation associated with the previous use to a more sustainable range of travel modes.

“Socio-economic benefits would be secured through a supply of additional housing including affordable housing.”

The proposals include retaining much of the tree cover and adding new planting. Documents say there will be planting along the protected boundaries with native and species-rich vegetation to offer nesting and foraging opportunities for birds and small mammals and the placing of log piles and hibernacula within the woodland to provide sheltering opportunities for reptiles and animal rest and shelter areas.

Image Hudson + Madigan

There will also be bird and bat boxes  and a wildflower meadow or species rich grassland within the centre of the site.

The application states: “The development would be entirely visually contained by the existing perimeter woodland. As viewed from the Green Wedge, the development would result in no physical or visual incursion into the open countryside.”

W.Brazil Bros was an independent waste management company  established for more 60 years up until 2019.

A decision on the application is yet to be made. It can be viewed on Thanet council’s planning portal, reference F/TH/23/1212.


  1. I wonder if there is toxic material under the topsoil, and how deep will they dig before laying the foundations ??

    • My thoughts precisely.
      Planning permission was declined for a site on the eastern side of St. Peter’s Rd.a quarter of a century ago for precisely this reason.

      • Harry ,the reason it was stopped on that side ,is ,because that area, was used as a council tip.I think it was stopped because of Methane gas,it was an open tip ,and grassed over, when the tip was full

        • Yeah , it was a landfill tip , Davey Maye used to run it , & my Dad,Len Dobson uses to take off-cuts of copper wire to “burn off” the covering for scrap metal … More fun than playing in Tivoli park when i was??? 6 or 7years old , call it 1971 ish

  2. What goes as affordable housing,under £175000, doubt it ,if it goes £250000 ,it is not affordable to ,most working class people

    • The wording ‘affordable housing’ should be banned. Maybe some future political party can Reform the ballcocks that we are told.

  3. I think making this area for homes is a great idea. If I had the money I would like to buy myself, but that’s a pipe dream. Do see it as a private estate and not affordable to most. Contamination should not that much of a problem but untill they start you will not know

    • “Brownfield sites is the best way forward,”

      If the ground isn’t contaminated and found to be liable to off gas in the decades ahead…

      Don’t moan about “prime fields” though, pal. If the farms were commercially viable (which they’re not thanks to brexit/supermarket profiteering) they wouldn’t have sold up, logically.

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