Dreamland named in Seaside Heritage Network’s top 10 coastal attractions


Dreamland has been named as one  the top 10 favourite seaside attractions in the UK

The Seaside Heritage Network announced its inaugural Bucket and Spade List of the top seaside places and experiences as voted for by members of the public.

Dreamland came in at number 8 when the winners were announced on September 11 at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

The top three finalists were awarded with certificates by designer and seaside regeneration expert, Wayne Hemingway MBE.

HemingwayDesign were appointed by The Dreamland Trust in 2011 to develop create a brand for a re-imagined Dreamland.

Nine years on, in 2020, HemingwayDesign also created the special 100th anniversary logo for the park. The retro style artwork translated numerals into multicoloured blocks.

Eddie Kemsley, CEO Dreamland Margate, said: “The entire team at Dreamland is thrilled to be recognised at the inaugural Bucket & Spade Awards.  Dreamland is an intrinsic part of Margate’s history, and our seaside heritage remains interwoven with the town, even 103 years on from our beginnings.

“The future is looking bright for Dreamland, expanding on our rich legacy of entertainment and amusement by the sea.”

Seaside Heritage Network top 10

Saltburn Cliff Tramway, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Blackpool Tower, Blackpool

Morecambe Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Silcock’s Carousel, Southport

Donkey Rides, Weymouth

Papa’s Fish & Chips, Cleethorpes

South Cliff Gardens, Scarborough

Dreamland Margate, Margate

Bournemouth Beach Huts, Bournemouth

Babbacombe Model Village, Torquay


  1. Dreamland is a joke the noise and fights when all the people hang around on drugs and drink the place should be shut down unless thay make it a theme park again

  2. Given they got beaten by a fish and chip shop I wouldn’t be sounding off too much about it.

    I wonder if any of the other attractions had been handed £4m in funding by their local council ?

  3. Oh dear this must be so disappointing for the doom and gloom merchants who just love talking everything down because they have never done anything in their life to be good at or enjoyed. Well done Dreamland the only way is up.

  4. Just laughable , with the tens upon tens of millions of public funds pumped into this vintage theme park with hardly a vintage ride on site. Beaten by a fish and chip restaurant in popularity says it all.
    Still the the Art Deco cinema lies empty, in essence in a dilapidated state. The owners effectively gifted this local and national treasure can’t be bothered to clean the graffiti from the exterior. Shameful !

  5. All of Margate is a disgrace, not to mention thanet drive to claim it’s something it isn’t in claiming it it the jewel of thanet, I know people that have visited margate over years, from London, Essex, and Kent and can tell you would not return, Ramsgate yes, Broadstairs, yes but never margate, it needs a billion pound spent, many structures to be torn down, and to be rebuilt and some law applied. I have lived in thanet much of my life, but travel a fair amount in this country and abroad and will tell you margate is one of the worst places to go and I do not go there. You cannot change 40 years of decline with a little paint and publicity, a pig in a fur coat, is still a pig.

  6. Looking at the picture of dreamland at the top of this story I’m abut confused.

    I thought the big wheel had gone ?
    What’s that tall thin structure on the left ?

    Like others had said the headline makes it sound grand. Than you read the story you realise dreamland got beat my a chippie, donkey rides, model village lol.

    Still you get much for 4 million quid of tax payers money I guess

  7. Well done Dreamland. I know a lot if people who visit and love the town. Many have moved down as a direct result. Can’t understand why if the moany brigade dislike it so much they don’t leave and go “somewhere more suited”. And good riddance. It’s not perfect but it’s good and getting better.

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