Filming continues in Thanet for BBC 3 sitcom Things You Should Have Done

Filming scenes for the BBC Three sitcom in Ramsgate Photo Michael's Bookshop Ramsgate

Filming for BBC 3 sitcom Things You Should Have Done is currently taking place across Thanet.

Crews have shot scenes in Margate, around Nayland and Cliftonville Lido, and on Ramsgate seafront and will be filming at Lovetts Estate Agents in the High Street, Ramsgate on Monday.

The series is written by and stars Margate-born comedian, actress and writer, Lucia Keskin.

The storyline follows her character’s journey as she learns to be independent after the death of her parents.

Former Dane Court student Lucia (Chi), who has appeared in comedies such as Sneakerhead and Live At The Moth Club and in Channel 4 series Big Boys, portrays a ‘stay at home daughter’ who then finds out that to inherit the house she has to complete a list of ‘Things You Should Have Done’ left by her parents.

Photo Michael’s Bookshop

Producer Steve Monger is making the six-part series with Roughcut Television, after being commissioned by the BBC,

The programme, which is earmarked to air later this year or early next year, also features Selin Hizli as  Chi’s aunt who wants the house but does not want anything to do with her niece.

A pilot for the series was filmed in Thanet last year.

Parking is suspended at Meeting Street Car Park in Ramsgate from 1am on Monday morning until midnight on Monday night to allow the crew’s location wagons to park.


  1. wow, the film circus takes over a car a park where tdc have sold season tickets and not notified their season tickets payers currently ish £700+ PA for an A carpark !
    Why is the ringo parking app allowing car parking in a car park which is cloced to the public.
    Why is the onsite parking meter accepting payment?(more later)

    Anyway that filming area is a magnet for fly tipping at the council bin and yes the film company arrive ant there is a substantial fly tip already.

    I was hoping to say, its nice to be back in tdc gate

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