St Laurence CE Junior Academy children dive into a week of exciting learning

Back to school at St Laurence Junior Academy

The hallways of St Laurence CE Junior Academy in Ramsgate were filled with the  buzz of eager learners as the school opened its doors for the start of the new academic year.

With a spirit of curiosity and excitement, students from Year 3 to Year 6 embarked on their first week back at school, diving headfirst into a diverse range of subjects and activities.

In the world of science, Year 6 students are setting their sights on understanding the mysteries of light. They have embarked on a journey to explore the fascinating properties of light and its role in our daily lives. From prisms to rainbows, the budding scientists are on a mission to unlock the secrets of this enigmatic phenomenon.

In RE, Year 5 students have begun their exploration of the creation story. Through lively discussions and interactive activities, they are delving deep into the story of how the world came into being, contemplating its significance and relevance in today’s world. They are on a quest to find examples of colour in their school environment, connecting their learning with the vibrant world around them.

Year 4 students are on a scientific mission of their own, investigating how liquids can affect our teeth. Through a captivating experiment involving eggs and various liquids, the young scientists are gaining insights into the potential impacts of everyday substances on dental health. This hands-on experiment is sure to leave a lasting impression on their understanding of dental care.

New to the St Laurence family, Year 3 students are starting their academic journey by immersing themselves in the school’s core values: love, hope, forgiveness, resilience, and joy.

Headteacher Sarah Graham said: “It has been a fantastic start to the new school year here at St Laurence and lovely to have our school community back together again. The children have all settled back into their new classes and are excited to start working on our fabulous curriculum.”