Freeholds for Westwood Road and Ramsgate and Margate KFC sites due to be auctioned

KFC Broadstairs Image Allsop

The freehold for the KFC property  in Westwood Road, Broadstairs, is due to go under the hammer with Allsop auctioneers next week.

The drive-thru and restaurant site is listed with a freehold guide price of £1.7M – £1.9M

The venue is part of the Caskade Group which has been established since 1984 and has a KFC franchise with 55 stores, Taco Bell franchise with 52 stores and 3 Pizza Hut franchise in the UK. Lease arrangements are for 20 years from completion. Rent paid is currently £120,000pa with a five yearly review.

The property freehold, described as a ‘modern freehold drive thru investment,’ will go to auction online on September 19.

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The freehold for the KFC site in Ramsgate is also being auctioned by Allsop on the same day. The guide price is £625k-£675k. The venue is also majority let to Caskade Caterers Limited at a £45,000pa rent with the upper floor vacant.

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A ‘virtual freehold’ investment for the Margate branch is on offer for a guide price of £660k-£650k. The auction details say the tenure is for leasehold with a “lease for 999 years from 25 December 2003 at a current ground rent of a peppercorn rate per annum.”

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The recently built KFC drive thru at Sandwich also has the freehold up for grabs with a guide price of £1.55m-£1.65m while the freehold for a Folkestone branch is being offered for £550k-£575k.

The lease holder (Caskade/ KFC franchise) is expected to remain in place at all sites.


  1. Judging by the sheer amount of morbidly obese people walking around Thanet, investing in a fast food drive through site is a sure way to make money.

    • There is your mission ,take over a fast food outlet, become rich .If you don’t like fast food ,good for you, not everyone who is obese eats kfc, MacDonald rtf .does not help though ,could be they be eating a lot of sweets ,cakes ,sandwiches, drinking beer, pop,etc

      • Was on a Loop bus yesterday and a young man, probably late teens, early 20’s got on, who was morbidly obese! These people are self harming, and are trying to get my sympathy, well that didn’t work, I gave me my hard stare, and turned up my nose, and he looked away! If fat shaming doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, it makes me feel better!

  2. The group is trying to reduce their loans of £73 million by April. The cost of living has reduced their customer base hence less income.

  3. £10,000 a month rent is a hell of lot chicken to sell plus staff pay insurance / business tax / utilities. No wonder businesses fail.

  4. KFC is grossly over priced. I’ve used the 1 at Richborough a few times and have stopped going there as it prices keep rising and not by penny’s. Mc d is the same . What use to be a cheap family meal those days have long gone. I can get a decent meal in a cafe for less.

  5. The reason it’s closing could be down to the slimy coating on the chicken which is disgusting. You go there, buy a take out, get it home and it’s inedible and when you make a complaint the management expect you to bring it back to the store?
    Where is the tasty crispy chicken that Colonel Sanders was famous for?

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