Police called to report of indecent exposure at Dane Park

The incident happened by Dane Park

Kent Police is investigating following a reported indecent exposure in Dane Park, Margate, yesterday (September 3).

A woman called police to report she had seen a man masturbating in bushes at the park. She said another man in the park chased off the offender who ran towards Thanet Road.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 3.47pm on Sunday 3 September to Park Crescent Road, Margate, following a report of indecent exposure. Officers attended and carried out a search of the area, no suspect was located.

“Enquiries into the incident continue, including reviewing local CCTV footage.”


  1. Im not one bit suprised to be honest. Go to Botany Bay beach there’s a regular guy that dose that behavior all the time and yes we did report him .

    • Hi Linda yes you are spot on there it’s not supprising when you think of the amount of perverts around thanet but it is possibly worse than that if these men are not caught who knows what they may do next I mean escalate up to possible rape, and Dane Park has had it’s share of everything there asexual assault, rapes, murder, and bodies found, I seriously don’t want anything else like I’ve said happen to anyone ever, I say men earlier in my post as Ive never heard of any woman commiting these such crimes in thanet elsewhere it’s happened I know,i wonder if it’s the same person who was chased of before doing the same thing, I hope the police can get him before he does anything else or worse.

  2. I would imagine being homeless(which there are many in Thanet)and needing to ‘knock one out’ can present a problem.
    You find a nice secluded bush in a big park and then some nosey member of the public sees you enter and follows, sees what your up to and calls the police.
    The only pervert here is the nosey member of the public – It’s human nature, 80% of the population masturbate the other 20% are liars.

    • Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate, just, no.

      If they wanted to knock one out, they could quite easily do it in a pub/public toilet, behind a locked cubicle door where they’d be at no risk to themselves, or the public.

      The fact they do it outside, points massively to it being a kink of theirs. Any rational person, who didn’t have that as a kink, would do as I aforementioned.

      • “The fact they do it outside, points massively to it being a kink of theirs” I totally agree, that is another possibility – But who knows?

        • Neither me, nor you. Which is why you blaming the member of the public, instead of the person cracking one off who had to witness it, is disgusting.

          • I always look at both sides with an open mind, it’s just the way I am, if it seems disgusting then …. sorry.

          • anon ….. Evidently in another report the guy (around 50 years old and bald) had a colostomy or catheter bag – maybe it was full and had to empty it?

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