Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council to set up youth-led team to organise activities for teens

Sports hall facilities at Retort House

Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council is setting up a Youth Events Team, with a focus on planning and organising bespoke activities by and for 13-17 year olds.

The plan is in response to a request from families who are concerned about the lack of safe spaces for young people to have fun and socialise with friends.

The town council recently launched Retort House, a community/sports venue in Albion Street Car Park, which is a venue for team sports and activities but they say with a bit of imagination and creativity, it would also make a great venue for a themed party, a gig, or showcase.

The town council will establish an events team made up of teenagers from local schools, who will be given a budget and supervision to organise their ideal social events.

On September 28 at 6pm, there will be a launch event at Retort House for 13-17 year olds to register their interest, to ask questions and to share ideas.

The town council is also looking to recruit adult volunteers to help with the project.

Anyone who is interested can attend the launch event to register their interest. Volunteers will be DBS checked.

Contact the town council events team on [email protected]  or call 01843263609 if you’d like any further information.




  1. There was something similar in Birchington but one of the local Tory councillors was so busy arguing and trying to exercise his control over the volunteers that it all turned very toxic and was shut down.

  2. Well done to the new Town Council. Willing to listen and act in a way the old lot weren’t. New brooms sweep clean!

  3. This is fine but the youth will in there own little way mess this up ,we are always doing things for the youth of today, start spending money on the older generation they need things to do and l don’t mean nitting clubs or book clubs .

  4. Brillian initiative by the new Labour-led team at Broadstairs Town Council. I look forward to hearing more about it!

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