Goodbye from St Lawrence Tandoori after almost 30 years

St Lawrence Tandoori is now closed

For some 30 years the St Lawrence Tandoori has been a popular venue for both takeaway and eat in meals.

The restaurant, in St Lawrence, Ramsgate, has hosted music evenings, parties and more across the decades and in 2018 underwent an extensive refit.

The 2018 reopening

But sadly the doors closed for the final time yesterday (August 28) after a shock announcement on the restaurant’s facebook page.

Regulars gathered for a last St Lawrence Tandoori meal to say goodbye to bosses who include Mamunur Kamaly and dad Harunur.  It is understood that the restaurant was no longer sustainable.

In a message on the facebook page today owners thanked customers and said: “Thank you all for coming yesterday, we appreciate every one of you for supporting us, we are so grateful. We are very sorry for closing, We are looking to go elsewhere.”

Mamunur and dad

Mamunur and Harunur also run The Curry House and Pizzeria at 130 High Street, Ramsgate, which opened in 2021.

Former Hereson student Mamunur, 25, has been in the family trade for some nine years and dad Harunur, 53, has been a restaurateur for more than 25 years.

The Curry House has announced the businesses are merging, with a 30% discount collection from 29th August till 12th September to celebrate. To order call 01843 584839.


  1. People don’t eat Indian or Chinese food as much as they used to (I’ve never been a fan of the former, as it gives me Delhi belly!). Italian, Greek and Turkish are all the rage these days, though I wish there were more French restaurants in the area.

  2. ramsgate is shuting down gradualy , this business will become some form of a house i guess ? the town is finished just look around

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