Approval for plan to demolish fire-damaged Chilton Tavern and build new homes

The Chilton Tavern suffered fire damage Photo Mathew McKew

An application to demolish the fire damaged Chilton Tavern and outbuilding at Pegwell and build four 3-bed homes has been granted permission.

A proposal in 2018 to create three homes at the site was refused and another in 2020 to convert the first floor to two flats was also rejected.

Documents in 2018 said the Tavern was no longer viable as a pub and the business had seen takings decrease considerably over the past 10-year period  due to the impact of no-smoking legislation and cheaper sales of alcohol being provided by local retail outlets.

The Chilton Tavern in 2018

In 2019 the pub stopped trading. In 2021 an application for five homes was made but not Thanet council did not make a decision so it was taken to appeal. The appeal was dismissed but the inspector noted that it was not a heritage asset, saying: “Before the fire, the pub was clearly recognisable for what it was and had a certain charm that had not been spoiled by later additions or alterations. No doubt it is a local landmark and has been a feature of the area for well over a hundred years.

“But the same could be said of many older buildings on corner plots. No contextual information has been provided to show that the Chilton Tavern is a particularly important example of a Victorian public house in Ramsgate. There is also no indication that the building is particularly loved or valued by the local community.”

In October 2022 six fire engines and the height vehicle attended a blaze at the Tavern.

Photo Mathew McKew

Fire crews were called after residents heard a loud ‘explosion.’ Kent Police were also at the scene. Firefighters batted the flames for almost four hours.

The latest application was submitted in May with the approval decision published today (August 29).

Several objections were raised including one from a neighbour who shares the wall that the stables (outbuilding) are built on. They said: “I have a shared wall that the stables are built on and this forms part of my house. No-ne has approached me about this and to build a house next to 185 would mean taking down part of my house.”

The requested three homes be built instead of four with the stables used as a micropub.

The Thanet council case officer dealing with the application recommended approval, saying: “It is considered, that the proposed development would not have an unduly adverse impact on either the character and appearance of the area, the living conditions of the occupiers of adjacent properties, or highway safety, to the extent that this would warrant a refusal of planning permission. Therefore, the development is considered acceptable.”


  1. Has it ever been established how the fire started, as the outbuildings were listed ?
    Or is it just another ‘mystery’ and developers now have access to the site, despite planning permission being refused.

  2. Surprise surprise !!! Another dodgy fire 🔥 on old building listed,then all of a sudden yes build new homes !!

    • Yet another successful plan , the wheatsheaf will be next just like the southwood years ago , thanets crocks strike again .

  3. i wonder how many more will go this way ? its almost become acceptable now ,large envelope pushing comes to mind . the people behind these fires and those making money from them should be jailed for a long time, but no one is ever caught – funny that ?

    • Sadly, not just here. The Crooked House pub in South Staffordshire is another example, but it happens everywhere.

  4. Southwood tavern pub was another one a fire just broke out and guess what !! Was demolished and houses built!! Thanet council are all that bent they can’t lay in bed straight!!

    • I see a back hander has been accepted for flats at the Royal now , mind you brown envelopes have always been passed about amongst those certain business’s, I once new someone who worked for TDC and they told me about the money exchanges sadly this person has passed away now .

  5. Let’s be honest, it was a terrible pub which sold terrible beer .
    Really should have been converted into a Co-op which would have served the community well !

    • Good point about putting a Co-op here, Graham B.

      Why didn’t the council push for this compromise? Were they being threatened by the road lobby? Seems you can’t even exist in this part of Thanet without private transport

  6. I still remember when the pleasurama building went up and who was behind it-Same man who did it to Dreamaland = One jimmy Godden and he got away with it.Oh yes the amusement building on Margate seafront also went up in flames.

    • Maybe the Victorian architects designed in some built-in obsolescence, and programmed them to self-ignite after 150 years? But why pick on Thanet?

  7. Was that right about Jimmy Godden being ‘accidentally’ cremated when he died. Folk in Folkestone thought so at the time.

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