Margate and Ramsgate RNLI crews assist yacht aground off Margate

RNLI call out (Photo RNLI)

Margate RNLI’s B class lifeboat joined Ramsgate RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat in assisting a yacht aground off Margate.

UK Coastguard received a Mayday distress radio call from a 10m yacht with four persons on board around 11pm last night (Saturday 26 August) reporting that they had run aground on the Kentish Knock sandbank around 15 miles north east of Margate and required assistance. The vessel was on passage from Gosport to Hull at the time.

Margate’s B class lifeboat and Ramsgate’s all-weather lifeboat were tasked to assist and located the casualty vessel high and dry and lying at an angle of 30’.

The tide was ebbing and it was calculated that it would be around six hours before the yacht refloated. Radio contact established the occupants of the yacht were safe and well and Margate lifeboat took soundings to determine the best approach for assisting when the vessel refloated.

All weather boat- photo by Sarah Hewes

It was agreed that Margate lifeboat should return to station and re-launch on the flood tide and that the larger Ramsgate lifeboat remain on scene to provide reassurance for the casualty.

Around 5.15am the following morning (Sunday 27 August) Margate’s B class lifeboat launched again and returned to the casualty’s position. Ramsgate lifeboat was able to assist the casualty vessel to refloat on the rising tide and tow it into deep water.

After checking the yacht was seaworthy and undamaged and the occupants safe and well it was able to continue its passage. The lifeboats returned to station.


  1. it always amazes me how these people get free help and assistance , often needed because of thier own stupidity . if my car broke down i would not get free anything.

    • I rend to agree.
      It’s one thing if the yacht is sinking and lives in peril; quite another if they just want a tow or pointing in the right direction.

    • Real World, I assume you don’t use the NHS or expect police support in a incident. How about people falling off cliffs or trapped by rising tide? A civilised society looks after its citizens and everyone benefits. You could go and live somewhere where this doesn’t happen and you wouldn’t have anything to moan about. Bye bye.

  2. The yachties should get an invoice for their stupidity. There is a constant stream of rescues, most of which are avoidable. Mandatory training should be a requirement of boat ownership.

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