Sunningdale House Developments in administration

Sunningdale House Developments

Sunningdale House Developments is now in administration.

Cg & Co was appointed at the High Court of Justice following an application by secured creditor West One Loan Ltd

Related firms also listed as in administration are Sunningdale House (Heritage Farm Three) and Sunningdale House Developments (TW One)

Seven administration applications were filed to the High Court this month against Sunningdale House companies and HF Developments.

Applications for winding up petitions and notice to appoint an administrator are also listed as being lodged.

Six High Court applications for administrative orders have been made by West One Loan Limited which has charges against the companies in relation to loans.

West One Loan Limited is one of three secured charge holders, who are taking steps to “trigger” the insolvency process.

The applications have been made against:

  • Sunningdale House Developments (Sandgate) Limited
  • Sunningdale House Developments (Walmer) Ltd
  • Sunningdale House Developments (North Foreland) Limited
  • HF Developments Limited
  • Sunningdale House Developments (Plover Road) Limited
  • Sunningdale House Developments (Evans Fields) Limited

Sunningdale House Developments (St Nicholas) and (Minster) are not listed although both have outstanding charges with Lendinvest Security Trustees Limited and St Nicholas also has one with West One Loan Ltd.

There are developments across east Kent including Eden Grove in Minster, Heritage Fields and The Stables  in St Nicholas-at-Wade and South Cliff Place in Broadstairs.

A meeting of creditors of Development House – connected to the Sunningdale House companies which have had administration notices filed with the High Court –also takes place today (August 25).

The resolutions to be taken at the creditors’ meeting may include the appointment of liquidators. Andrew Watling and Jamie Taylor are to act as Insolvency Practitioners in relation to Development House Ltd.

One property owner in Thanet who is affected said: “They have of suspended all activity on site so nobody can get their defects seen to, yet alone have their road or walkway surface finished or lighting installed.

“It’s impossible to contact anybody at Sunningdale because emails remain unanswered and phones have answer-messages and nobody phones back.  The building 10-year guarantee company ICW will not intervene where a defect is less than two years old and the suppliers say they haven’t been paid so won’t come out to rectify defects.”

Sunningdale House Developments formed in 2014 and was originally based in Sandwich but relocated to Manston in 2022.

It was headed by David Pownceby who formerly was a director of Lilybrook Developments which was dissolved in 2013.

Sunningdale has a number of different registered companies related to different sites. Mr Pownceby has resigned from all Sunningdale House named companies.

According to Companies House Mr Pownceby  resigned, as of July, from companies including Sunningdale (North Foreland) Sunningdale (St Nicholas), Sunningdale (Dover Road Walmer) Sunningdale (Sandgate) Sunningdale (Minster) Sunningdale (Maidstone) Sunningdale House Developments (TWONE) Sunningdale (Eastry).

A further resignation by Mr Pownceby is registered for August 4 from Sunningdale House Development Ltd (09323682)

The new director of some of the developments is listed as Robert John Locker.

Sunningdale House Development accounts up to year end December 2021 (the most recent to have been lodged) show the group sold 115 homes in that year and achieved a profit of £2,549,837 (2020: £206,274).

Turnover increased dramatically by £18,729,683 from £42,917,079 in 2020 to £61,646,762 in 2021.

The group’s bank loans and overdrafts falling due within one year had reduced from £70,314,984 to £60,549,265 with £3,779,566 falling due after more than one year.

The Sunningdale House website appears to no longer be accessible.


  1. Pownceby should have all assets and home and any hidden bank accounts removed from him to pay back to the firm’s and home owners that he has ripped off. Second time he has done this. People like him should be striped and left with nothing, make him feel the same way he has left customers,,, broken

  2. It’s terrifying to say the least. The current director has 53 other appointed companies his associated with. And there’s a serious warning against this director due to another company he has also failings and fallen into administration within the last 12 months.

    It’s the house owners and sub-contractors I feel sorry for. I’ve been in this position before. The company transferred all its assets to a dormant company over a period of 6 months. Went into administration owing over £3million. Of that I was owed approx £150k, lost my family and home. And the 3 directors continued trading the following day. It’s disgusting and no criminal charges are brought for fraudulent behaviour.
    I have since put procedures in place including credit checks on companies. And if I can always help contractors and Sub-contractors how to identify risks with companies like this.

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