Art GCSE assessments disregarded for grading after exam maladministration found at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar

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Chatham and Clarendon students who took a GCSE in art had to have their final grade calculated after their assessment were ‘struck out’ due to maladministration in the way the exam invigilation was conducted.

Students and parents have been left upset that hours of examination work had to be disregarded after concerns were raised which were then reported by the school to the exam board.

An investigation was carried out and the board concluded the exam had not been conducted in line with exam regulations and was “compromised.”

The conclusion meant a two day assessment – at five hours each day – was not eligible to be included in the final grade.

Instead AQA issued estimated marks based on students’ coursework.

Headteacher Debra Liddicoat said: “A concern was raised that the Art GCSE had not been conducted in line with GCSE protocol. The board were made aware by the school, and a thorough investigation was undertaken, and evidence was submitted to the board, who concluded that maladministration had occurred.

“As a consequence of this the board decided that marks for the examined part of the Art exam could not be accepted and students would be awarded a grade based on the non-examined part of the course – their portfolio of work produced during year 10 and year 11 – and a calculation based on standard deviation would be applied to determine their final grade.

“The board advised this is the method they use in these circumstances as it is the fairest way to ensure students were neither advantaged or disadvantaged by the maladministration of the exam.

“Since the incident occurred, the school has undertaken a rigorous review of examination procedures in relation to Art and has already implemented measures to ensure there is no reoccurrence of such an issue; these have been approved by the board.

“Understandably students and parents have been very upset by the outcome after all their hard work during the assessed work, and of course the circumstances will be taken into account for students who want to progress to the 6th Form or take Art A level.

“The school has an otherwise unblemished record for the way exams are conducted and is often complemented during annual inspections. It is therefore very disappointing that maladministration of the Art GCSE occurred.”