Emergency services attend crash in Ramsgate

Emergency services at the scene

Police, paramedic and the fire service have attended a crash in Ramsgate today (August 21)

Emergency services were called at 1.30pm when a was car crashed into railings in Madeira Walk.

Firefighters removed a section of railing so the driver could reach the ambulance.

She was taken to hospital for checks as a precaution.

A Kent Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: “KFRS was called to Madeira Walk in Ramsgate, after a car crashed into railings. One fire engine attended, and crews removed a section of the damaged railings to allow easy access for the driver to reach the ambulance.”

A Kent Police spokesperson added: “Kent Police was called just after 1.30pm following a one-car collision in Madeira Walk, Ramsgate.

“Officers attended along with KFRS and Secamb and the driver was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.”

The car has since been removed.


  1. Another unnecessary oversized car, thankfully no pedestrians were hurt. About time these cars were banned.

    • It’s quite terrifying, really. If you were walking along there, you wouldn’t have stood a chance.

    • Nothing to do with oversized cars. Buses go up and down that hill all the time.

      Unless it was a medical episode, this would have been down to very poor driving. My guess is approaching the middle bend too quickly. Could have happened to any sized car.

  2. I think it’s time that all Thanet sea fronts were pedestrianised. We missed being involved in the crash in Ramsgate seafront by minutes last week, the bottleneck at the end of Broadstairs is a nightmare, and Margate seafront could have traffic diverted.

    • Without doubt, I totally concur Broadstairs should be pedestrianised, would be nice to have outside seating for all the restaurants/bars instead of 4×4’s squeezing past each other and parking on double yellows or the pavement to buy a bag of chips or a burger as they know they won’t get a ticket – when was the last time we see a beat bobby or traffic warden in town to move them on?

      • Whilst making more parts of Broadstairs one way and with larger areas for walking and tables would be lovely it can’t realistically be done without a thorough review of parking plans and enforcement. In addition to enable traffic to flow of changes at Carlton Avenue would need to be made.

  3. How does somebody manage to create all this carnage around that part of the road?Drugs,alcohol or/and on mobile?

  4. Unlikely & very rare, but unfortunately it happens, but a possibility.
    So let’s not judge until we know the facts

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