Complaints made of ‘unbearable heat’ and people ‘passing out’ at Dreamland indoor Hall By The Sea gig


Scores of gig-goers at Dreamland for the Ocean Colour Scene performance last night (August 18) have taken to social media to complain of unbearable heat and people being sick and passing out.

The band, which shot to prominence on the Britpop scene, has been praised by those who attended the performance at Dreamland’s Hall by the Sea but many said they had to leave early due to a lack of ventilation and overbearing heat.

Churchill Tavern boss Stuart Bleazard branded the venue a “tin can with no air.”

He said: “The heat in the Hall By The Sea was unbearable, people were fainting due to heat exhaustion.

“I’ve been to hundreds of gigs and never experienced anything as hot as last night. It was like a furnace in there, people struggling to walk on their way out, even people that only stayed 30 minutes or so.

“Someone was sick, there was talk of people coming from downstairs gig and walking in for free making it overfull, stewards looked like rabbits in the headlights and seemed to lack training in what could’ve been a major incident.

“Any up and coming gigs should be cancelled until there has been a thorough health and safety investigation.”

‘Lack of ventilation’

Broadstairs community volunteer Ruth Bailey says she will be writing to Thanet council’s environmental health officers with her concerns and vowed not to attend another indoor gig at Dreamland until effective ventilation is put in place.

She said: “I don’t personally think there was a question of over-capacity, we could move around fairly freely. Obviously it was more crowded, and hotter, the nearer the front you went.

“My main concern was the lack of any ventilation. You would think post-Covid that would be a bit of a priority. It’s a big hall with no windows and only a double door at one end leading directly to the stairs.

“We could certainly not see, hear or feel any mechanical or extractor fans. I can see by reading social media posts that a lot of people left the gig early. We moved right to the back to get some cooler air by the door as we were drenched by the heat and humidity. “One of my party has written to Dreamland complaining and I will write to the Environmental Health department at TDC.

“When they (Dreamland) say they opened external doors I presume they mean the main doors at ground level which wouldn’t really have had any impact. Someone tried opening the fire door in the hall but security quickly closed it again.

“It was roasting in there, men were taking off their shirts as they were soaked through. My friend tried to go down to the toilets but was stopped because there was someone passed out in the entrance.

“As a lot of people have said, we won’t be attending another of these indoor gigs, not until some effective ventilation is put in place.”

Other people who attended the gig have spoken of feeling unwell due to the heat, raised concerns that there were a lot of people gathered on the stairs and said the lack of air was “hideous.”

People who did stay until the end said fire exits were eventually opened to let in some air and were unanimous about the band’s ‘brilliant’ performance. Many suggested the gig should have been staged outdoors but also said they expected humidity indoors due to weather temperatures.


A Dreamland spokesperson said three people were attended to by the medical team and all “were fine.”

They said: “The Ocean Colour Scene concert held in The Hall By The Sea was well attended however, capacity was within those specified in our independent safety guidelines. Inside the venue was not overcrowded, with event goers able to dance and navigate around unhindered.

“An indoor venue at this time of year, with good attendance will become hot and potentially humid. Internal temperatures and crowd safety was monitored and assessed continuously from our operations control and dedicated CCTV operative, as well as those within the venue itself.

“After meeting with departmental supervisors, the venue manager took the decision to open doors to successfully increase the airflow generated by the internal fans, whilst monitoring sound impact externally.

“The medical team treated three individuals in attendance all of whom were fine, with no one advised to seek further medical attention.”


    • No, but they are legally responsible for the health and safety of attendees. The law requires owners to assess the suitability of the venue and ensure facilities and infrastructure (including ventilation) are adequate, as well as assess potential hazards, such as unusually hot weather.

    • It up to dreamland to provide ventilation
      (health and safety) , 7 people make as much heat as a single bar electric fire , a door open one end is not adequate and does not provide circulation

    • If there’d been temperatures like last summer, it would have been impossible to hold that sort of concert indoors.

      • So no indoors concerts take place in hot countries?

        It is far easier to cool an indoors venue than an outdoors one.

        • You miss the point.
          The UK isn’t a “hot” country. Not until now, at any rate. Our buildings are not designed to cope with the huge temperatures we experienced last year. As global warming takes effect, both public buildings and private homes will have to be built to new insulation standards, and equipped with air conditioning.

  1. Totally inexperienced overwhelmed staff – with welfare on their tabard that did nothing to help the situation who simply shrugged their shoulders. Doors were only opened at 10pm!! Shame on you dreamland to play it down to 3 taken Ill…Times that by at least ten!!

  2. The points and issues raised about this event are concerning, besides lacking in ventilation the building does not have sound insulation , hence the noise experienced by neighbours is unbearable.
    Concerns should be raised with local councillors and or environmental health at TDC..
    It would be good to hear publicly from Dreamland what concrete improvements to health and safety they will introduce at both internal and external events..

  3. Was at the gig downstairs and it wasn’t much better either. Even with all the holes on the ceiling and flying ants swarming inside.
    Security was hilarious, considering the problems previous events have had with drugs,fighting and spiking, having a couple of frail old people didn’t feel me with much hope. If anything had kicked off they would of been powerless. It was slack to say the least, there was a long list of cans and cants on the tickets including no vapes, yet there I was stuck behind clouds of vapor while trying to see GZA and people pulling chairs onto the rink and standing on them to see. Would never go to a gig there again, or any event. And neither would a lot of people I spoke to last night.

    • Make an official complaint. The quicker this place gets shut down as a concert venue, the better the chance of the other Margate theatres getting finance.

  4. the noise from Dizee Rascal tonight is overwhelming and im in Cliftonville!
    the poor families and children living nearby, who want to sleep on a saturday night have my deepest sympathy.

    • Totally agree I live up by qeqm,on a warm summer night ,had to shut windows and doors ,so I could hear tv,because of the noise

  5. Doesn’t surprise me in the least everything done on the cheap,TDC should revoke their license until these issues have been addressed, I’ve been waiting since June to get a response from my enquiry to why they were still allowing music to be played after 11pm,their license is until 11pm.

  6. I took the sensible route instead of drinking alcohol I stuck to water and stood at the back where it was better than being in the crowd that’s why some became ill from the unbearable heat along with dehydration.

  7. So lets get it shut down and complain to this agency and contact local media blah blah blah. People chose to be there and people chose to stay or leave. Anyone ever thought to support Dreamland as a theme park and music venue? Constructively working through issues is surely better than having it shut to just become a derelict eyesore on the seafront. Oh but wait, that will be something new for all to moan about.

    • dreamand was never built as a outdoor music venue,but as a fun fair ,big difference.I take it ,Mscream ,you do not live near the place

    • Obviously you don’t live in Eaton Road or Stratford house with small children, neither do I, I’m in Ramsgate but I do pity those poor people, it’s not on , it’s a funfair not an outdoor gig venue

    • Obviously you don’t live anywhere near dreamland unlike myself and before you say it’s your choice to live their that is correct but have lived their for 23yrs long before it was turned into this. A theme park wasn’t a problem but since it has turned into a music venue the noise is unbearable at times and you cannot have your windows and doors open in tge summer, it’s about time TDC do their jobs even the police were against the extended licencing hours.

  8. How did it even get a licence for outdoor music events when backing onto residential areas? It has been a weekly noise nuisance all through the Summer and TDC are staying silent on what it is doing. As transparent as ever !!
    I expect having the Dreamland director on the Margate Town Deal not only produced a £4 million bung but it brought preferential treatment too. Dreamland should never have been used for such events, it was designed as a fair ground/amusement park, we had the Winter Gardens for music events. If the Margate Town Deal funding had been used appropriately then it should have been the Winter Gardens that received the majority over Dreamland a private company. Just another episode on the long list of Thanet’s inept Council.

  9. Unfortunately Dreamland is a poorly managed outfit and should never have been granted a licence let alone an extended licence for indoor and outdoor music events, having regularly flouted noise and safety regulations with seeming impunity. This is another example on a long list of such failings.
    Will TDC continue to bury their heads in the sand or will our elected councillors insist the paid officials address these issues with Dreamland as a priority .
    This is further bad publicity which Margate does not need.

  10. I was there. It was hot. Parts of the hall ( near the stage) were crowded as per usual at rock gigs. Yes the AC seemed off or non existent. My wife was taken Ill and I got her picked up and taken home ( she was fine outside in the air) after half an hour- BUT. It was not overcrowded- I had plenty of room at the back but I fully understand how people were uncomfortable. Given the heat staff should have had water ready to offer to anyone who required it and opened the side doors, which they did do about an hour into the gig. Overall the vast majority had a great time. I’m off an age where heat is uncomfortable and have to say the average age of people there was 50ish. A younger crowd maybe less affected. So please sort out the issues Dreamland and carry on with these great evenings.

  11. You let your sick wife go home alone, and then carried on watching the gig?

    No man would do that to me twice.

    • Er I waited outside until our daughter arrived. As she was much better by then- having offered to go with her- she told me she was fine, just needed a rest and told me to go back to the music. Thanks

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