Administration applications filed to High Court by secured lenders to Sunningdale House Developments

Sunningdale House development in St Nicholas at Wade

Seven administration applications have been filed to the High Court today (August 14) against Sunningdale House companies and HF Developments.

Applications for winding up petitions and notice to appoint an administrator are also listed as being lodged this month and July.

Six High Court applications for administrative orders have been made by West One Loan Limited which has charges against the companies in relation to loans.

It is understood West One Loan Limited is one of three secured charge holders, who are taking steps to “trigger” the insolvency process.

The applications listed today (August 14) are being made against:

  • Sunningdale House Developments (Sandgate) Limited
  • Sunningdale House Developments (Walmer) Ltd
  • Sunningdale House Developments (North Foreland) Limited
  • HF Developments Limited
  • Sunningdale House Developments (Plover Road) Limited
  • Sunningdale House Developments (Evans Fields) Limited

Sunningdale House Developments (St Nicholas) and (Minster) are not listed although both have outstanding charges with Lendinvest Security Trustees Limited and St Nicholas also has one with West One Loan Ltd.

A further application has been lodged today for notice to appoint an administrator to Sunningdale House Developments (TW One) Limited. The applicants are listed as United Trust Bank Limited which has charges on the company; with Cadwallader, Alex David and Deyes, Philip Jeffrey Ritson – of Brecher.

There is also an application for administration which was filed on August 9 against Sunningdale House (Heritage Farm Three) Ltd by Paragon Development Finance Limited.

Sunningdale House Developments Ltd is also listed as applying for notice to appoint an administrator on August 4.

Applications for winding up petitions were made by Omega PLC on July 27 in relation to Sunningdale House Developments (Walmer) Limited and Sunningdale House Developments (Sandgate) Limited.

An adjudication enforcement claim has also been brought in relation to Sunningdale House Development (TW One) Ltd by Red Key Concepts Design & Build Limited. This was first listed on January 31 with an order by the Judge listed the following month.

Sunningdale House Developments has sites across the south of England including in St Nicholas at Wade, Broadstairs, Monkton and Minster.

However, the sites have been inactive in recent weeks and workmen reportedly stopped carrying out snagging work earlier this month.

Sunningdale House Developments formed in 2014 and was originally based in Sandwich but relocated to Manston in 2022. It was headed by David Pownceby who formerly was a director of Lilybrook Developments which was dissolved in 2013.

Sunningdale has a number of different registered companies related to different sites.

According to Companies House Mr Pownceby  has resigned, as of July, from some of these companies including Sunningdale (North Foreland) Sunningdale (St Nicholas), Sunningdale (Dover Road Walmer) Sunningdale (Sandgate) Sunningdale (Minster) Sunningdale (Maidstone) Sunningdale House Developments (TWONE) Sunningdale (Eastry) but retains his position at several other companies.

The new director of some of the developments is listed as Robert John Locker.

A further resignation by Mr Pownceby is registered for August 4 from Sunningdale House Development Ltd (09323682)

A meeting was held this month by North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale to speak with Sunningdale residents who had worries with their houses or estates.

The gathering at St Nicholas at Wade village hall was attended by around 100 people.

Sir Roger was told of issues, from completing site roads and lighting, to individual household defects.

Sir Roger promised to link up with MPs Natalie Elphick and Damian Collins who also have estate problems in their constituencies.

One resident said during the meeting it was noted that if Sunningdale financial problems prove to be ongoing, public funds could be at risk with the substantial number of affordable rent and shared ownership housing owned by housing associations on Sunningdale-built estates.

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  1. This looks to be one he’ll of a mess.Seems to be that they have got greedy with to many sites on the go . Materials through covid went mental in prices . I remember a documentary in Belfast were a developer went bust leaving the people who had brought the 1st homes living in a half built estate.

  2. So he won’t care 1 jot about the mess he’s left behind. Ltd company means not my problem guv. Sounds like he can’t run a bath let alone a multi million pound empire. But I expect it was other people’s money he was using. Nice.

  3. Then there’s the material suppliers and workers there get shafted. It happened to me in 1988 lost 4 months wages .

  4. Just wondering why our MP for South Thanet is not involved with Roger Gale in defending his constituents’ interests, as some of the developments are in Broadstairs, part of his constituency? The sites are an eyesore, having been left undeveloped for several years now. Perhaps Kathy Bailes would like to ask him?

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