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Natalie did the tandem jump from 12,000ft

Skydive for Alzheimer’s Society

A Margate care worker has leapt from a plane at 12.000ft  to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Natalie Hudson, 41, carried out the challenge at Headcorn airfield on August 7. She hurtled at 120mph from the aircraft in an accompanied skydive.

The mum-of-three is an overnight care assistant and works with many people who have Alzheimer’s/Dementia, prompting her to choose the charity as her cause.

She said: “I jumped from 12,000ft after waiting all day until the wind dropped. I finally jumped at 3pm and was last out of the plane so watched everyone else jump first!

“It was the most amazing experience once I was out of the plan and I wasn’t scared at all. I’ve raised £550 so far and the donation page is still open.”

Find Natalie’s fundraising page here

Some 944,000 people are estimated to be living with dementia in the UK. The Alzheimer’s Society helps with support, research and lobbying of government for better funding.

Find the website at:

QEQM Hospital League of Friends

Patients on Rainbow Children’s Ward are now benefiting from 4 mobile infusion drip stands we funded at a cost of £1,476. Shown with Matron for Acute Paediatrics Jayne and Paediatric Staff Nurse Toni, they enhance the mobility of patients needing to be on drips, enabling younger children to get into the play room and garden areas while teenagers can be more independent.

We are delighted to make this contribution towards the staff’s im of making young people’s stay on the Ward as comfortable as possible.

Please follow us on Facebook – QEQM Hospital League of Friends – and visit our new website

Thanet Pro Wrestling

Baytastic 2023 had hundreds of people gathered to witness TPWs first ever live event

Activities and audience participation for kids and adults were going on throughout the day during the intervals that were provided by TPW host of the show, Roderick the Rambunctious.

TPW first show included a stacked card with:

*The Headline SJ Randal defeat Kris Oak  in an Epic 1v1 singles clash

*Alex Aces Defeat Slick Rick Row In singles competition.

*The Bruiser Open Challenge which saw Academy Member Zak.E centric step up to the call.

*After a verbal joust and a valiant effort from Zak E Centric in combat, Bruiser gained the upper hand and emerged victorious. Unsatisfied Bruiser issued another open challenge to the entire TPW roster. Then out came former Southeast Professional Wrestling champion MEATHEAD to an excited packed out crowd. This led to a clash between the two and after an Epic back and forth battle MEATHEAD emerged victorious.

*Hitman for Hire brought out a surprise tag team partner hailing from Catch 22 Pro wrestling, Clayton Moore to take on Roderick the Rambunctious and the returning Jack Voltage. Roderick and Voltage claimed victory over the pair.

A 20 person Royal Rumble with a trophy was up for grabs and was planned for the big main event of the show, but unfortunately due to unsafe weather conditions we were forced to cancel the main event.

However this didn’t dampen the spirits of the TPW family as we were incredibly proud of being able to get as far as we did throughout the day with the unpredictable weather looming.

Riding on the highs of Baytastic we have locked in a date for our second show! The TPW Anniversary show on November 5th will be at The Centre Birchington, Alpha Rd, Birchington. Tickets are available

We personally want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us at Baytastic, we have had an overwhelmingly possible response from the show.

TPW has also launched the highly anticipated Kids Club that runs on Sundays at 10am -11am for ages 8-16. £5 per child.

Birchington Man Shed

If you want to join Ladies Day it has been moved to Thursday afternoons from 1pm. The same rules apply to both men and women, over 55 and retired. We have two experienced carpenters, Ray and Ted, who are willing to stay on a Thursday afternoon to teach ladies and it has proved a success with 5 ladies joining. As mentioned before we have limited space and can only safely accommodate 8/9 members per session so if you want to come along please get in touch so we can book your place.

We still, however, need a lady who has experience in a carpenter’s workshop to be able to pass on her knowledge to eager lady students. Christine, Sylv and Jane have already been hands on with our band saw and drills.

Nicola gave woodturning a go and Jules the nail gun. Tilly has also dropped in for a quick chat too. It the first time we have seen her since she lent us her compressor and nail gun. Thank you, Tilley. We used it to make a street library that we have been asked to build, and are on the verge of finishing it, then it will be delivered to Rachel in Westfield Road, Birchington .

Progress of the street library was put on our Facebook page and several people have shown an interest in us making one for them. We have also been asked to make another rocking horse as a present for a lucky grandchild this coming Christmas

In line with the whole of the country our cost of living has gone up too. We have had a rent increase of £50 per month which has given us no option other than to increase our session fee from £3.00 to £4.00 starting from July 1st and our annual membership fee up from £10 to £20 starting from January 1st 2024.

The model railway has steadily been progressing. Monday mornings are reserved as a quiet day at the ManShed and it’s a popular choice. We normally reach our capacity on this day with the two ’N gauge’ railways and the larger, permanent ‘00 gauge set up is proving an attraction. The model makers make scenery and buildings while the track layers lay tracks on 2 of our 3 layouts.

It is all meticulously planned with scaled drawings which are designed to help conceal the electrics on the underside of the board. Mike, one of our railway enthusiasts (we have 5 at the moment) has put forward an idea that we open an evening Railway Club where an-yone who has their own rolling stock ,but no track to run it on, can come up to the Man Shed and use our track.

He is always telling me quite a lot of men, especially, have no room to set up their circuit at home. “It’s packed away in the loft, been up there for years and will probably never see the light of day again”. Well, you can dust it off, bring it up to the Man Shed and run it again. Some of us don’t have a Flying Scotsman in the attic, but you can still join us and use our trains. If this is of interest to you please let us know.

We are at Unit 13, Quex Craft Village.

Email [email protected]


Or phone  07578987651

Spitfire Green

Barratt Homes has recently held an event to fully launch its Discount Market Sale (DMS) apartments and unveil its new spitfire sculpture at Ramsgate development, Spitfire Green. To commemorate the occasion, key stakeholders including representatives from Homes England, Councillors from Thanet District Council joined senior members of the team from Barratt Kent to discuss the progress of the development and its recent positive effect on the local area.

Spitfire Green takes its name from the town’s rich RAF history. The former RAF Manston is a stone’s throw from the development, with the nearby museum filled with local history. The new spitfire sculpture, standing at 2 metres high with a 6ft wingspan, sees two wood carved spitfires fixed to a steel stand at the centre of the development. On the day, dignitaries from Homes England and Thanet District Council were able to celebrate the rich RAF history in the area and ‘officially unveil’ the sculpture and learn more about how it was made.

Matthew Crabb, of Matthew Crabb Sculpture Studio, said: “Creating the sculpture for Spitfire Green was a great project for me and got my creative flair flowing. I have previously commissioned similar designs for the British Legion, so carving spitfires is something I really enjoy doing.

“The sculpture has been made with the highest quality materials, including raw cedar wood, finished with a treatment which will see the sculpture last for over 70 years, so it is now engrossed in Ramsgate’s history. The rawness of the sculpture conveys authenticity, which I believe represents the development very well. Thank you to Barratt Kent for inviting me down on the day to celebrate the installation of the sculpture.

Wantsum Music?


debdepan have released first EP ‘OMEN’ on Bamala Newtown label. debdepan is Chelsea Tolhurst and Grace Bontoft, a female duo from Maidstone who make dark, melodic music influenced by Marika Hackman, Warpaint, The Cure, PJ Harvey and The Big Moon.

The duo formed in March 2022 and were then discovered byThanet’s  Pie Factory Music’s Emerging Artists programme which offered to release a single on its Wantsum Music? label.

‘Darkest Hour’ was released on 16th September 2022 and picked up radio play in the U.S. and several EU countries and entered the Deutsche Alternative Charts at number 17. The band signed a publishing and label deal with Archangelo Music – sub-published by BMG – shortly afterwards. They have since worked hard to push themselves technically and creatively to produce OMEN, a 3 track EP exploring multiple genres.

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