Margate RNLI, Coastguard teams and helicopter carry out search for man in water at Botany Bay

Margate RNLI's B class and D class lifeboats (Photo Peter Barker)

Margate RNLI and Coastguard teams and helicopter were carried out a search around Botany Bay last night (August 10) following reports a man had gone into the sea but had not been seen coming out of the water.

Margate’s B class and D class RNLI lifeboats were launched around 10pm and were joined in the search by the Coastguard rescue helicopter from Lydd Airport and Coastguard Rescue Teams from Margate, Deal and Herne Bay

The person’s  belongings had been found onshore,

Teams searched for around two hours and were then alerted that the male had been found on a train to London.

A Margate RNLI spokesperson said: “Margate’s B class and D class RNLI lifeboats were launched around 10pm last night (Thursday 10 August) after  UK Coastguard received a report that a male had entered the sea at Botany Bay an hour previously and had not been seen to leave the water.

“The Coastguard rescue helicopter from Lydd Airport was also tasked along with Coastguard Rescue Teams from Margate, Deal and Herne Bay and a search was commenced both onshore and to seawards from the shoreline and up to one mile offshore allowing for tide and weather.

“The suspected casualty’s personal belongings were found onshore and after around two hours of searching British Transport Police located the missing person on a train to London. The rescue units were stood down and returned to station.”


    • Yes indeed, send him the bill and recover through the courts as deemed necessary.

      This isn’t the first incident with an identical outcome in recent months.

  1. Send him the bill?
    Not sure if I’m missing something but the guy who was reported wouldn’t of known he’d been reported to RNLI?
    If someone saw you go into the sea but not come back out, then called RNLI to only later find you at home with your feet up. Would you pay the bill?
    Seeing as it wasn’t your own fault?

  2. Botany Bay again, it’s become the place for idiots to gather at night and for London halfwits during the day. Well done TDC, you did a great job promoting the only beach in Thanet where our lovely visitors can’t spend any money for parking as they have discovered they can park anyway they like, probably someone’s drive and bring their own food drinks and leave us to clear up their leftovers, sometimes not the best of items, see if you can guess what? TDC just a mirror image of this awful tory government.

  3. Locals are making a mint letting out their private drives! Many have regular customers & earn in excess of £1,00 per summer season!

    Yes, the Tory government is truly awful! But hope is in sight, we will hopefully be rid of them come the next general election!

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