Hugin Vikings Football Club to shut after 28 years of grassroots sport

Hugin Vikings FC

Final training sessions will be held by Hugin Vikings Football Club next week following an announcement that it is folding.

The club, based at the field off Dumpton Park Drive, has been running for 28 years but says it no longer has the funding needed to survive.

In a message to players and parents for those in the children’s teams the club chairman said: “Unfortunately Hugin Vikings Football Club will be folding with immediate effect. This is something we have been contending with and fighting but unfortunately it’s too high of a mountain to climb without enough support.

“Appreciation goes out to the coaches for running the teams even when sessions were light. The effort you have all put in is nothing short of admirable.

“Training next week will still be on. This will give the coaches the opportunity to give out medals and any other awards allocated to the players. This will be the final week.

“28 years of being a staple in the community and grassroots football in Thanet is something the entire club over the years has Barrie (Perry) to thank for. He has been a consistent and constant part of this club since he first joined Hugin over 20 years ago.

“Thank you to the parents and players for choosing Hugin. We are sorry that this has come at short notice to the upcoming season. We hope you find another place for your children to enjoy football.”

It is understood that the Thanet Sands United team may take on the lease for the ground. Baypoint FC has offered places to Hugin players who want to play this season.


  1. A shame some of the funds given to ‘arty’ projects can’t be used for something like this which is hugely beneficial to the youth of Thanet.

  2. My son played there for a few seasons, unfortunately no new kit not even a shirt was always hand me downs, I did wonder where the money went as each child was paying £25 per month? They had teams for each age group that’s a lot of cash…?

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