Kentish Belle hauled by steam loco Bahamas heads through Thanet this week

Jubilee 45596 Photo Jamie Horton

The Kentish Belle will be hauled on a route through Thanet this week.

Bahamas Locomotive Society owned Jubilee No. 45596 Bahamas will visit on Wednesday (9th August), hauling The Kentish Belle.

The schedule is set for the loco to leave London Victoria at 9.47am with it passing through Minster at around 1.12pm, stopping at Ramsgate for passengers getting off at 1.20pm, stop at Broadstairs at 1.29pm, Margate at 1.35pm, Herne Bay at 1.51pm and stopping at Faversham.

Photo Sarah Thomas

The return journey departs at 4.47pm, reaching Margate at 5.12pm, Broadstairs at 5.19pm, Ramsgate at 5.25pm, passing through Minster at approximately 5.33pm on its way back to London.

Tour Promoter is Railway Touring Company and the operator is West Coast Railways Company.

Loco “Bahamas”, number 45596, a 4-6-0 Jubilee locomotive, is one of 191 which were built between 1934 and 1936, concurrently  alongside “Black 5s” 4-6-0s for the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) both of which were designed by William Stanier.

Find the timetable  via Rail Advent here

Please be aware times are subject to change


  1. The Jubilee’s were not Stanier’s masterpiece as they had steaming problems at the start.Had the the LMS and BR carried forward their plans all would have been rebuilt with the same boiler as the rebuilt Royal Scots.Even the first Black 5s were not perfect until Stanier adopted higher superheat boilers instead of carrying forward his previous experience at the GWR.
    The prewar big 4 would not have wasted the equivalent of £44m on a badly designed Parkway station.
    The legacy of the Southern railway is iconic stations like Ramsgate and Surbiton.
    What will be KCC’s and TDC’s legacy?

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