Punch & Judy man Brent to return after Thorley Taverns step in to save the day

Brent de Witte (Photo Kyle Pressley/ Change.org)

Legendary Punch & Judy man Professor Brent de Witts will return with his show from tomorrow (August 4) after Thorley Taverns stepped in the save the day.

Brent has been bringing his show to the Broadstairs beach for some 30 years and it is a popular attraction for families.

But this year Brent, who travels across America and Europe to perform, hit issues with the licences needed to stage entertainment on the beach.

It meant he was unable to perform his daily Punch & Judy shows on the beach.

A petition was raised by resident Kyle Pressley to Bring Back Brent, receiving hundreds of signatures, prompting Thorley Taverns to provide a life line.

Operations Manager Craig Knight said: “Professor Brent de Witts’ legendary show will continue at a new home – The Pavilion Broadstairs, which is at Viking Bay.

“Performances will remain as they have for so many years, three times a day and will commence at the new location on Friday 4th August 2023. For performance times please check social media or call the Pavilion on 01843 600999.”

Broadstairs mayor Kristian Bright said the issue was relevant licences to perform on council estate had not been obtained.

He added: “To receive a license, any individual or business must be in possession of the right to work in the UK, public liability insurance and, if working with children, the relevant DBS checks.

“As a public body – both the Town Council and TDC cannot employ anyone not in possession of the required license and paperwork.

“Public safeguarding is paramount for this council and we will not shy from our responsibility on this matter.”

He added: “The staff at BTC moved quickly to source a replacement. We were lucky to have Ben, a regular performer at the Dickens Festival, step into the breach and entertain children at Pierremont Hall.”

Cllr Bright added that he was “incredibly ashamed” to hear that there had been personal abuse posted to a children’s entertainer because he accepted the offer of work.

‘Bring back Brent’ petition demands popular Punch & Judy man be allowed to return to Viking Bay


  1. How come Brent could get all his paperwork sorted within a few days but couldnt get BTC or TDC paperwork sorted ?

    He will still need insurance, risk assessment, right to work.

    Seems abit odd all of this !

    • Almost like it’s a publicity stunt by Thorleys to appeal to the “woke watch” morons that believe everything they read.

      He didn’t do paperwork. Paperwork that’s always been needed and now has a slot in place that will make money and pay him 😉

      Bit of council bashing and blaming the “left blob” works wonders with some.

  2. Bit out of date! Hits wife, Policeman and crocodile and is the hung.

    Time to come up with an alternative script.


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