Police release CCTV in investigation over teenager robbed by man in Broadstairs

Police want to speak to this man

A CCTV image has been released by officers investigating an incident where a teenage boy was robbed by a man in Broadstairs.

At around 9.45pm on Wednesday 14 June, the teenager was approached by a man in Ramsgate Road and told to hand over his belongings.

The victim gave the offender a small amount of cash and the man then left the area in the direction of the seafront.

Enquiries into the incident have led to officers releasing an image of a man who may be able to assist the investigation.

Anyone with information, or who recognises the man pictured, is urged to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/105928/23.


You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete their online form.



  1. they are frightened to publish these photos ,we all know it . no doubt someone will start screaming some ism over it

  2. I’m surprised that the comments section is even open. No doubt someone will say something that someone else finds offensive & it will be closed.

  3. Wow, what kind of man abuses a child like that? And also, who above the age of 12 wears a sideways baseball cap. I hope the kid is ok and reminded that not everyone in the world is like this man, happily very few.

  4. First up the police have to do intensive investigations and interviews, look for any CCTV in and around the location from the time of the alleged incident, show any CCTV stills to the boy so he can make a positive identification – then make sure it is correct 100% or they will leave themselves open to all sorts of crap, and that’s why its taken so long to get the pic out there.

    Rich Londoners with rich kids moving here are easy prey for people like this – my guess is this guy is not local, possibly a Londoner himself?
    It will take ages for this poor kid to get over being mugged on the street’ that’s if he ever does.
    Something like this would never of happened in Broadstairs before the Londoner take-over, it seems to have followed with them.

    • If the police checked Southeastern’s station CCTV from after the time of the incident they would possibly find out what train embarked and what station he disembarked?

    • How do people know how much someone else’s phone costs ? Or their shoes? And would people really get on a train at a London station and follow them to Broadstairs simply in order to rob them?

  5. “Rich Londoners with rich kids”. How does a would-be thief know that a teenager is a “rich kid” from London?

    Any suggestions how old the man in the photo might be?

  6. I can’t quite tell if that’s a genuine question. How does one tell, you ask. Well, walking round with a £900+ smart phone, designer trainers £180+ plus any other expensive branded clothes is a telltale sign. Although how they’d tell they’re from London I don’t quite know. Unless they were followed from a train station perhaps.

    These thieves aren’t silly. They know what they’re doing and looking for.

    As to how old, I’d guess around 26 give or take.

  7. How many people would know what a stranger’s phone cost? Even if they knew a lot about various kinds of mobile phone, they’d have to be very close to someone to identify the phone brand -perhaps not so close if they’re looking at somebody’s shoes.

    • My phone has an image of an apple on the back, that can be seen from about 12 metres, the ones that don’t are probably Samsungs.

  8. Erm… basically the entire population below 35 could identify a phone easily walking past someone. And I’d like to say everyone knows the cost of modern smartphones. But, evidently you’re an exception to that.

    This is your problem M.M. I’ve seen you do it several times with several people. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean the person you’re talking to is wrong.
    I could identify a phone easily, and I know how much most phones are worth both brand new and second hand. Maybe its because I’ve grown up in that generation and had a phone since I was about 11 and you clearly haven’t.

    What I can say to you, is this. Trust me. Someone who is 40+ years younger than yourself can spot the distinguishing design features on a modern phone with ease and know its worth.
    Today’s generation bring it on themselves, walking with phone in their hands even when not using it. Making it even easier. I’m not bad mouthing people for doing that either because I constantly walk with my phone in my hand so even I’d be an easy target for one of these London gangs to snatch it. I mean, everyone should be able to freely walk with their phones but sadly with how things are its just not the case and you need to be aware of your surroundings.

  9. Seeing people walking around holding a phone, or engrossed by one, is depressing, especially when the people holding them are children.

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