Meeting held to discuss future of Christ Church in Ramsgate

Christ Church in Vale Square (google maps)

Possible closure of Christ Church in Ramsgate’s Vale Square was discussed at a public meeting last night (July 31).

The church has suffered from a decreasing congregation and the Diocese of Canterbury  is now considering whether it should be closed.

The evangelical Anglican church opened in circa 1847. Funding for the church was raised through the efforts of Naval Lieutenant Hutchinson and George Gilbert Scott was commissioned as the architect. The pulpit and reredos date from 1869 and the lectern from 1885. The clock was added in the 1870s.

In 1976 financial issues resulted in the sale of the Church Hall, In 1986 the nave was reduced in size with the smaller north aisle converted into a meeting room, kitchen and toilets.

The building was Grade II listed in 1988.

The Archdeacon of Canterbury, the Venerable Dr Will Adam, who chaired the public meeting in the presence of the Bishop of Dover said today:“The parochial church council of Christ Church Ramsgate has asked the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee to consider whether the Bishop of Dover should request the Church Commissioners to consult formally on whether Christ Church Ramsgate should be closed for public worship. No decisions have yet been made.

“Alongside consultation about the possible closure of Christ Church as a parish church is the question of the use of the building. If it is no longer required for public worship then the Church Commissioners will consult on seeking alternative use.

“Yesterday’s meeting was positive and fruitful with a number of possibilities being put forward for how the building might be used in the future, including its continuation as a place of worship.

“Discussions are continuing and everybody involved is seeking the best solution for the mission and ministry of the church in the community in this part of Ramsgate.”

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  1. It’s criminal to even think of closing any church let alone this historic place of worship, perhaps the Vicar needs to try harder. At this time with local and national government failing the nations people to a level of incompetence without rival, in these unprecedented times of hardship created by government, we need the charity and safe haven the church brings and stands for. #buildonbrownfieldbuildonmanston

    • Christ Church has no vicar.
      He retired several years ago. Since then, there has been no incumbent.
      Some of the parishioners have been welcomed into other congregations.

      • It is hardly surprising news. Churches are closing around the country because ageing congregations are being overtaken and swept away by an increasingly secularism and because we are tired of organised religion’s egregious wokeism. The days when the church offered a simple and comforting philosophy of caring faith to its congregations are disappearing fast.

        • Are all organized religions “egregiously woke”? “Egregious wokeism” is not exactly the right description for- well, rather a lot of religions/cults. Quite the opposite for some types, in fact.

  2. I’m not a Christian but this strikes me as quite sad. It’s such a beautiful, iconic building on the Ramsgate skyline. My mother in law used to worship there and was really sad when she had to find another church after the covid lockdowns ended. I’ve seen churches in other places I’ve lived transformed into the most amazing spaces for art, music, dining, community so hopefully something very cool will come of this special place in its next chapter.

  3. Perhaps Ramsgate Town Council & Jenny Dawes should do a “Go Fund” for the Church instead of trying to stop Manston opening as an airport.

    • Your a Pillock John558! Hundreds of churches close every year, most of them were built in the Victorian era as work creation schemes, and few can be converted for housing, so demolish them and build decent council housing on the space instead!

    • John558 if you are so concerned, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from launching a funding appeal.
      I wait with bated breath …

  4. Why “ha ha”? Religious buildings have been converted into different kinds of religious buildings for centuries.

  5. In my youth we would spend most Friday/Saturday nights down the Old Kent Road, that had from memory about 13 pubs! They have all closed, and are now churches!

    • There are still 3 there, and of the closed ones, one is a dental surgery and another one is an art gallery.

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