Two jet-skiers rescued after call-out to Margate’s RNLI lifeboats and Coastguard team in blustery conditions

Margate RNLI lifeboats Photo RNLI/Peter Barker

Margate’s two RNLI lifeboats were called out today (July 30) after a jet-ski encountered difficulties in blustery conditions off the Thanet coast.

UK Coastguard was contacted by RNLI lifeguards around 12.30pm after they sighted a jet-ski that appeared to be in difficulties around 800 metres off Botany Bay to the east of Margate. The vessel’s two occupants were observed to be in the sea and separated from their craft at various stages.

With a moderate to fresh westerly wind and choppy seas along with the reliability of the initial report there was concern for the occupants in the water and Margate’s D class inshore lifeboat was tasked immediately, followed by the larger B class lifeboat to provide back-up and additional assistance if required. Margate Coastguard Rescue Team was also tasked to oversee the scene from ashore.

The D class lifeboat was directed to the position by the lifeguards ashore and the disabled jet-ski was quickly located, both occupants now back on their craft. They were taken onboard the lifeboat where casualty care was provided with both occupants suffering from the cold but otherwise unharmed. After assessing the situation the disabled jet-ski was taken in tow to Palm Bay. The craft’s occupants remained on board the smaller lifeboat, escorted by Margate’s larger B class lifeboat which had by now arrived on scene.

The craft and its occupants were landed ashore at Palm Bay and handed into the care of coastguard officers, both lifeboats were released and returned to station.

Christian Wright, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate RNLI said: “There was concern for the two occupants given the rather unpleasant weather conditions but thanks to the rapid response of the lifeboats both were recovered safely.

“Some safety points to note here are to never leave the craft you are on if you encounter difficulties and always have means of calling for help, either a marine VHF radio or mobile phone in a waterproof container in addition to more conventional means such as a pack of distress flares. Seeking local knowledge available at lifeguarded beaches is also advised.”


    • Most jet-skiers are thoughtless selfish yobs who don’t give a damn for the safety of other people in the sea- whether they are swimmers, paddle-boarders or just paddlers.

      They should be banned from approaching public beaches. And physical barriers should be put in place.

    • Back charge the costs, say a nominal £5,000. All people using the sea for recreation should take out insurance to pay for their own foolishness when they get into trouble!

    • Ling ltd

      Well the RNLI volunteers dont have boring lives as they put their own lives at risk to rescue knobheads on their jet ski.
      I would have thought the sea was to rough to go out on one but what do I know.

      As for your comments about lung cancer, what a silly remark. At no time does a person with lung cancer put anyone else in danger. These jet skiers put the RNIL volunteers in danger.
      I guess you must be a jet skier and unfortunately they have a bad image, the electric scooters of the sea. But comparing someone who is ill through smoking to a jet skier is disgusting. It really doesn’t help the image of jet skiers.
      You could argue the the cancer sufferer had paid taxes to receive their help, we dont know if these jet skiers paid for their rescue.
      I know you dont mean to rude about my late mum who died of lung cancer. But you do come across as abit of a knobhead.

      • I didn’t read all your comment before typing my other post. I don’t own a jet ski actually. Not my cup of tea as I don’t like cold water! But wouldn’t stop others doing it.
        The RNLI are a charity. The people involved are excellent. However, that’s exactly why they’re there. And paid for by donations. So even if the said jet skiers didn’t pay taxes. It doesn’t matter.
        Also, if you think I’m a knobhead that’s your right to opinion. But I’d rather be like I am than like these utter drips on this thread.

    • Many of us live quite exciting lives. Living on the coast as we do, we take every opportunity to use the sea: to paddle, bathe, swim, kayak, paddle board and so on. In seas such as yesterday’s, it is quite exciting!
      But people swimming, paddling etc are moving at about 5 mph top speed. Jet skiers are doing 50 or more. The two are completely incompatible. You simply cannot have both types of activity in the same water at the same time.
      The skiers mentioned in the piece appear to have been 800m off sure, which is where they should be.
      But, unfortunately, week after week, year in year out, we have far too many instances of jet skiers travelling at high speeds just 10s of metres from the beach – an extremely dangerous situation.
      The local authority has singularly failed to get to grips with this problem.

  1. Sure. And maybe a lung cancer patient who fell ill from smoking 20+ a day for 20 years should pay user fees when other charities like Macmillan are involved.

  2. Second hand smoke puts people at risk. If an article about a man with lung cancer in thanet come up. Which read he smoked 20+ a day and is now under the care of a cancer charity. You horrible, vile, boring cult of absolute cretinous isleofthanetnews mongs would gather together as per usual on every topic and waggle your fingers and get some sort of narcissistic buzz from pulling others down.
    M.M.REES is the worse of them all. I have nothing but contempt for the absolute mug! Everything the idiot says is either putting others down, being racist or even being pathetic enough to correct someone’s spelling. How sad have you got to be in order to do that?

    On another note, Happy Merc, no. Of course I don’t mean any disrespect to your lost family member. I also don’t believe people should be ostracized from doing things they love. Even if it is risky to themselves. But these lot just want people to stay in doors and when they do go out, it’s on foot. And if they go to the beach it’s to doggy paddle.

    “Oh but it’s risky to others” please… shut up. Getting in a car is a risk. Walking down the road is a risk from a yob with a knife. Live your life. Otherwise you run the risk of being like these absolute nuggets.

      • Oh, so it’s only ok when you do it I see? And then you cry to admin when the shoe is on the other foot. I see…

        No wonder its the same morons that keep posting.

      • “Ling ltd” probably doesn’t actually know me in person, and very possibly doesn’t know the other commentators either. And so I wonder what has brought about his/her astonishingly rude comments here.

      • I also find it rather amusing that, I can be called a ‘knobhead’ basically a swear word, and you do not care. Because you agree I presume. See the hypocrisy there? People say stuff you don’t like or agree with and you cry about it, ask them to be removed etc.. even though on every post you try to belittle and patronise people.

        I’m glad I don’t know you M.M.REES you’d for sure bore me to death.

        • It is Phyllis Quot who has requested That “Ling ltd”s post be removed. I expect the word “mongs” is one good reason for this request. I shall look up the meaning of “knobhead”, which is not a word I have ever heard spoken.

    • Nothing against jet skiers but I suggest the weather wasnt great for jet skiing this weekend. By all means enjoy the sea but perhaps they should think about others like the RNIL

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