Car seized after police respond to ‘anti-social’ driving complaints

Kent Police (Image Thanet Police)

A car has been seized and two people have been reported for driving offences after complaints of drivers using their vehicles for ‘drifting.’

Policing teams have been responding to complaints of nuisance driving in Columbus Avenue over recent weeks.

During the evening of Saturday 22 July, patrols on duty in the area seized a vehicle after the owner had been previously warned about the manner of his driving. He, along with another driver, were reported for careless driving. Two drivers were also given Section 59 warnings.

If a person is found to continue to drive in an anti-social manner for a second time within 12 months of the formal warning being issued, they will have their vehicle seized and face prosecution resulting in a fine and or points.

Neighbourhood Beat Officer for the area, PC Beth Ninnim said: “We’ve had reports of people using their vehicles for drifting on the road or driving inappropriately in the area and anyone found to do that will be dealt with robustly.

“Such anti-social behaviour can have an impact on local residents and the community, not just through the noise it causes but we have had reports of criminal damage and intimidation as well. The driving is often careless and presents a significant risk of danger to other road users in the area.

“One car has been seized already and anyone taking part in the nuisance driving can expect to have their car seized, as well as pay a fine, or even face criminal prosecution.”

Drifting is where a driver oversteers at high speed with loss of traction, while maintaining control and driving the car through the entirety of a corner.


  1. “while maintaining control ” is the key bit.
    Fine, if you’re a highly trained and skilled rally driver on a private track.
    A different kettle of fish if you’re a basic driver on a residential street.
    Get the cars off the road and crush them. Severe penalties for the drivers.

  2. Try setting up cctv up monks way discovery Park sandwich, the evidence is clearly visible with the tyre tracks over the rd ,and often during Saturday daylight hrs you can hear it happening.

  3. We could do with a few of the machine gun sounding cars crushed too. That is another antisocial activity causing a nuisance as they are driving up and down the busy streets sounding this silly popping noise. A Blue BMW, Blue Ford Focus, Black BMW, Black Audi to name just four of these nuisance vehicles need pulling over and dealing with.

    • Driving for fun – no problem, but do it on a track. And if there isn’t anywhere for recreational driving or you can’t afford such things then for heaven’s sake accept that driving has to be done responsibly, carefully … and yeah, boringly if necessary. Back in the ’80s a little girl was hit by a speeding driver in our narrow, residential street. She died in the gutter. Since then the amount of traffic on the roads has increased considerably. We just cannot afford to risk driving for kicks.

  4. I’ve been reporting these brainless morons for over 5 years that race their cars around Columbus Ave, it’s taken long enough but pleased to hear the Police have at least seized one car. Scott, it’s not a case of being a “Dreary wet wipe” we’ve had to put up with this at 1 or 2 in the morning or trying to enjoy our family time in our garden, it’s not just one car for 5 mins once a month, it’s at the weekends, during the night in the week, it’s constant and it needs to stop.

  5. I understand that, 10GB I’ve just got a bit of an issue with people wishing others dead because they’re doing something they don’t agree with.

    “Crush the car and the driver”

    Imagine wishing someone dead because they’re into cars. At least they’re doing it on a quiet road not just down the street with kids playing etc..

    I wouldn’t fancy being in your shoes listening to them all, a loud car or bike every now and then, sure. Not constantly.
    In the same breath, where do you go for a hobby like that? Tracks aren’t easily accessible.

    • I loved target practice with a crossbow. Pity I couldn’t do this in my neighbourhood. Can I do it on the beach then?
      Sorry mate, now I’m into crosswords instead. If your hobby results in being a nuisance for others, better pick up eating chocolate or become a Trekkie.

      • I’d personally buy a target and use it in my back garden like many do.
        Let me know and I’ll get hold of some for you. Save you eating chocolate and doing crosswords.

      • “I loved target practice with a crossbow. Pity I couldn’t do this in my neighbourhood”

        Incorrect. All it requires is you adhere to safety principles and establish a backstop behind the targets.

    • Scott, thank you for your reply, it’s not often you get a reply on here without some resulting to insults.

      I did assume you were calling all of us wet wipes for complaining but I misunderstood.

      I’m not sure there’s any roads in Thanet that quiet or far enough away from anyone so not to be heard. I doubt that those that do this ‘drifting’ in an anti social way, are really doing it as a hobby, I’m not tarring them all with the same brush, I’m mean who in their right mind would embark on a hobby with nowhere to carry it out?
      I’ve met some of these guy’s several times over the years normally at 2am, stupid I know but, I’ve got dressed and marched round there absolutely fuming, ready to wipe them all out but you soon see the one in the group that is a proper enthusiast, he’ll come over and apologise, I could see he was embarrassed by the moron’s that had turned up, screaming around like lunatics, they’re the ones that normally stand behind the one that’s talking to you just debating in their head wether to lunge at you or not.

      • “but you soon see the one in the group that is a proper enthusiast”

        They’re all enthusiasts, you’re just gatekeeping based on how polite the members of said crew are, to you.

  6. 10GB, yeah I’m in agreement with you on that one. I also must confess I’ve sometimes stooped to that level. My original comment wasn’t aimed at everyone, but two individuals in particular who constantly belittle others on here. I’m sure if you read the comments section regularly you know who I’m on about.

    I can’t help but bite back or be sarcastic toward them sometimes unfortunately!

    I can’t think of any roads locally off the top of my head that would be suitable either. I didn’t realise that estate mentioned above had houses near by if I’m honest. Unless I’m thinking of somewhere different.

    You get the good and the bad in every group of people as you obviously know. Even in the comments section of a news site!
    I ride motorbikes (when it’s not raining, soo… not very much at all)
    And my bike is pretty loud. That being said, I’m aware that it’s loud and I wouldn’t sit on one estate or one stretch of road out of respect for others near by. Usually have a ride down to Rye grab some lunch and have a chat with any other bikers there and ride back home.

    It’s a shame they can’t gate of which ever roads they’re using after a certain time. Simple & effective. It also wouldn’t cost any youngsters trying to have fun their cars that they probably pay £2k+ to insure. Or their lives, as someone suggested.

  7. Instead of building that stupid parkway station they could have built another brand hatch. I’m sure it would have got much more use then a train station we dont need. It could have been used for racing and drifting. Much more useful.

  8. Could use Manston for drifting while we are losing money waiting for it to reopen. It’s been an airport for donkeys years. And now the left is complaining…
    Years ago I used to hear the slamming of the doors of the train carriages. Now that noise is gone, it’s the noise of the fast trains. When you choose to live near an airport or a station, or even a school or a noisy pub…

    • All of that, yet you just had to make it about the “left”…and even shoehorned manston in there. Well done.

      • We need more of you.
        Usually it’s a 1 sided narrative on here. With the likes of M.M.REES. who constantly replies to comments Usually trying to put them down.

        No one ever seems to reply to her though, odd…

  9. I am sincerely sorry. I do not intend to insult any voters, left or right. It’s just that extreme left lady that tries to climb the very slippery political ladder, taking no prisoners. Some kind of special political operation.

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