Ramsgate Arts Primary teacher receives unsung hero award

NEU unsung hero award for teacher Jon Williams

Ramsgate Arts Primary teacher Jon Williams has been officially recognised for his work in bringing colleagues together as a unified group.

In January John co-ordinated staff membership of the National Education Union to “provide a cohesive voice to further improve the education of the children we teach.”

At the inaugural annual awards for the East Kent NEU at Canterbury Cricket Ground, Jon was presented with the ‘unsung hero’ honour.

He said: “This award really reflects the togetherness of our staff under the NEU umbrella, and we are fully behind its aims and objectives.

“As members it enables us to be more collectively motivated and more closely involved with a range of issues locally and nationally.

“Education has been suffering because of a lack of government funding and we supported the national action to highlight the situation because we strongly believe in the best for our pupils.”

The RAPS group will also be looking at aspects such as staff professional development in the coming months.”

Head of School Nick Budge praised the Year 6 teacher. He said: “Jon deserves the award – he is a dedicated professional who has worked hard to ensure his colleagues are a cohesive unit within the NEU which I believe can only benefit the ongoing development of our school community. “

NEU present recognition awards to members, officers or individuals who are committed to education and have made exemplary contributions in their workplace.