Five teens arrested on suspicion of theft of moped and items from vehicles in Margate

Image Kent Police

Five teenagers suspected of moped and other thefts have been arrested after officers responded to early morning reports of people trying car door handles in Margate.

The incidents were reported to be taking place in Botany Road at around 3.20am today (July 24).

As well as sunglasses and mobile phones reported stolen from vehicles, police were also told a moped had been stolen from a driveway at around the same time.

Officers were dispatched to the area and immediate CCTV enquiries were carried out. The moped was found shortly after and had been damaged by fire.

Descriptions of the suspects were given to other patrols in the area who were able to track down one person in Northdown Road and a further four people in Palm Bay Avenue.

The sunglasses and mobile phones were recovered and five teenage boys aged between 13 and 17 were arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft and arson.

A 17-year-old boy from Canterbury was further arrested on suspicion of stealing from vehicles and a 13-year-old boy from Ramsgate was also arrested on suspicion of possessing suspected ketamine.

All five suspects remain in custody while enquiries continue.

The work was carried out as part of Kent Police’s Safer Summer work against anti-social behaviour.

Click here for further support and advice relating to keeping vehicles safe from crime and here for more information about #SaferSummer.


  1. Now schools are over for the summer, perhaps the police could do something about all the children buzzing around on e-scooters? I have seen some not yet teenagers by the look of them, its only a matter of time before they injure or kill someone. They should be treated the same as any other motorised vehicle, the driver must have a licence, and be insured, if not they are breaking the law!

    • Dumpton, quite agree. Just for generational balance though … fellow in his 50s I reckon whizzing along Hartsdown Road pavement at 20 mph+ yesterday. I saw him later that afternoon on Canterbury Road. E-scooter looked quite powerful, one of those with very thick wheels. Seemed he was thoroughly enjoying himself but I would not want to be in his way. Additionally, 2 little kids on e-scooters narrowly missed me the other day and one did then collide with a young man, fortunately without ill-effect. I was hoping he’d give them a good telling off but no luck. The kids also risked their own lives crossing Canterbury Rd. at a busy time with absolutely no due care. I cannot understand why any parent would let 9 or 10 year olds ride these things & hope they read this.

  2. And if found guilty what will happen, nothing and they will still remain anonymous. The law abiding public are being treated as idiots, yet again.

    • It’s The parents that need naming and shaming for raising the feral scum as well as their criminal kids. Lazy pathetic parents need to be held accountable for their spawn. If the parents can’t look after their scummy kids then perhaps they need to be taken away from them. If people are going to have kids then they need to take full responsibility for them.

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