Child abuser from Ramsgate inflicted more than a decade of cruelty on victim

Vile abuser Jason Robson was sentenced to 8 years

A vile child abuser from Ramsgate has been jailed for inflicting more than a decade of cruel and degrading treatment on his victim.

Jason Robson committed a catalogue of serious offences against the child between 2007 and 2018, including holding a knife to their throat, forcing their head into a toilet and pushing them down the stairs.

He also committed a number of sexual offences against the victim in addition to punching and kicking them on numerous occasions.

The crimes were reported to Kent Police in June 2020 and Robson, 47, of Grummock Avenue, was arrested shortly afterwards and later charged.

He denied all the allegations but was found guilty of child cruelty and five child sex offences following a trial at Canterbury Crown Court. On Tuesday 18 July  he was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Chris Radley said: “The victim in this case showed tremendous courage in coming forward to report the awful offences committed against them.

“I would like to pay tribute to them for the dignity they have shown throughout, and for continuing to support the investigation even when Jason Robson refused to accept responsibility for his crimes and put the victim through the difficulty of a crown court trial.

“Robson was responsible for a number of shocking offences over a prolonged period that will no doubt affect the victim for the rest of their lives. He thoroughly deserves the lengthy prison sentence he must now serve for the suffering they were put through at his hands.”


  1. Lengthy sentence, eight years?, hardly lengthy considering the child received eleven years of abuse and a lifetime time of
    traumatic memories.
    Plus the scumbag may only serve half that sentence, should have locked IT up and thrown away the key.
    I applaud the victim for their bravery and courage and I hope they can try and put this behind them and look forward to a brighter future.

  2. We can only hope that this piece of human excrimant will receive 8years of continuous pain and abuse,inflicted upon his pathetic body.

  3. If he did this in china or saudi araba he have his head cut off. BRING BACK THE DEATH SENTENCE.

  4. What a ridiculous sentence. He’ll be out in a couple of years to start all over again.

  5. I would like more details , The press release lacks far more critical information . We need to know what’s going on in these situations . Whos child ? what relationship did he have with the child . We need to know far more .

    • The law means you don’t identify someone under 18 involved in proceedings. Separate laws mean you also cannot identify a victim of a sexual offence. The details you mention may well identify the victim directly or through jigsaw identification. And, at the end of the day, this man abused a child physically, mentally and sexually so who the child is or what their relationship was is irrelevant.

  6. Kathy Bailes is absolutely correct. The public does not “need to know far more”. The child’s identity should remain private.

    • We don’t need to know more simply because the facts we have are enough to hang this pervert. Unfortunately, we do not have the death penalty in the UK. More’s the pity.

  7. Ewan Uzarmi, any kind of sentence would not fit the crime. Such is the nature of the crime that castration should be inevitable. The choice of execution at a later date should be determined by the relatives of the victim.

  8. Good grief .There are some nasty pieces of work commenting on this article-don’t they know that capital punishment is not the way to stop crime?

    • Wanting child abusers off the face of the earth does not make you a ‘nasty piece of work’. Capital punishment won’t cease serious crime but it’s a deterrent and would make some of these scumbags think twice

  9. Nasty pieces of work? Look in the mirror.
    Capital punishment is an excellent deterrent. Today in Britain, we have no deterrent.
    Hanging those who sexually abuse children stops any recurrence on the part of the pervert. Pure logic.

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