Rain doesn’t dampen spirits as St Laurence CE Junior Academy pupils (and staff) shine on court

Teachers and Year 6 took to the basketball court

St Laurence CE Junior Academy witnessed an exhilarating clash between teachers and Year 6 children in their highly anticipated annual basketball competition.

Despite overcast skies and intermittent rain showers, the match continued, showcasing remarkable sportsmanship and enthusiasm from both sides.

Under the watchful eyes of fellow students, the afternoon’s event was a testament to the school’s commitment to physical education and fostering a sense of healthy competition among its students.

Throughout the match, the children rotated on and off the pitch, displaying their diverse skill sets and passion for the game. The rain failed to dampen their spirits as they continued to exhibit excellent teamwork and determination.

Mr. Wells, PE lead, said: ” It is always a great way to finish the sporting academic year with a staff vs year 6 match and this year didn’t disappoint. Doing basketball for the first time was a real success. Despite a few rules being broken, the year 6 children gave a good account of themselves and it was a great match. Well done to the staff and pupils who took part.”

The match was filled with exhilarating moments and impressive displays of sportsmanship. Teachers demonstrated their agility and strategic prowess, while the Year 6 children showcased their boundless energy and natural talent. The spectators were treated to a thrilling contest, with both teams displaying unwavering commitment and a strong desire to win.

The outcome resulted in the teachers clinching the win as the final whistle blew.