Unemployment figures in Thanet highest in county – but JobCentrePlus says lots of recruitment for the isle

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Unemployment figures for June show a rise of 75 people in Thanet claiming out of work benefits compared to the month before.

The unemployment figure for the district stands at 4615 people – a rate of 5.6% which is the highest in the county.

The unemployment rate for Kent as a whole is 3.3%.

Thanet also has the highest rate in the south east of youth unemployment for those aged 18-24 with 870 young people out of work – equating to 9.4% compared to 5% for Kent overall.

The wards with the greatest number of unemployed people in the district are Cliftonville West and Margate Central which both have a rate of 11% followed by Dane Valley and Newington, both at 7.9%.

The figures were published on July 11 and can be found here

Despite the slight increase, Thanet JobCentrePlus say there are opportunities in the labour market across the isle.

JCP recruitment member Lily Chiu said: “This past month has been successful for both Ramsgate and Margate jobcentres, with more customers moving into work across Thanet.

“CareTech has so far offered permanent roles to 13 claimants and we are continuing to support their recruitment drive in Margate. With 15 more full-time and part-time vacancies available, we have arranged further on-site interviews on 20th July at both jobcentres.

“On top of this, we are also working with JD Wetherspoon, interviewing earlier this week and five customers have already secured positions. More positive job outcomes are sure to follow as interviews take place throughout July.

“Following on from our previous events, we also held a large job fair at The Yarrow Hotel in Broadstairs on 26th June; Over 20 employers and 150 people were in attendance and the event produced job offers for several of our customers.

“With youth engagement one of our priorities, we also invited students aged 16 to 19 from two local colleges to speak to employers, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from both groups on the experience.

“Alongside this, we recently attended a careers fair at St George’s CoE Foundation School on 4th July, speaking to students from 11 to 17 about future career opportunities.

“In addition, we are keen to engage with employers from different sectors, such as those in the Creative Industry. With the UK Creative Festival held at Dreamland in Margate, there was a focus on supporting our customers, especially those aged 18 to 24, into these jobs and to find out more about work prospects in this sector.”