Unemployment figures in Thanet highest in county – but JobCentrePlus says lots of recruitment for the isle

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Unemployment figures for June show a rise of 75 people in Thanet claiming out of work benefits compared to the month before.

The unemployment figure for the district stands at 4615 people – a rate of 5.6% which is the highest in the county.

The unemployment rate for Kent as a whole is 3.3%.

Thanet also has the highest rate in the south east of youth unemployment for those aged 18-24 with 870 young people out of work – equating to 9.4% compared to 5% for Kent overall.

The wards with the greatest number of unemployed people in the district are Cliftonville West and Margate Central which both have a rate of 11% followed by Dane Valley and Newington, both at 7.9%.

The figures were published on July 11 and can be found here

Despite the slight increase, Thanet JobCentrePlus say there are opportunities in the labour market across the isle.

JCP recruitment member Lily Chiu said: “This past month has been successful for both Ramsgate and Margate jobcentres, with more customers moving into work across Thanet.

“CareTech has so far offered permanent roles to 13 claimants and we are continuing to support their recruitment drive in Margate. With 15 more full-time and part-time vacancies available, we have arranged further on-site interviews on 20th July at both jobcentres.

“On top of this, we are also working with JD Wetherspoon, interviewing earlier this week and five customers have already secured positions. More positive job outcomes are sure to follow as interviews take place throughout July.

“Following on from our previous events, we also held a large job fair at The Yarrow Hotel in Broadstairs on 26th June; Over 20 employers and 150 people were in attendance and the event produced job offers for several of our customers.

“With youth engagement one of our priorities, we also invited students aged 16 to 19 from two local colleges to speak to employers, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from both groups on the experience.

“Alongside this, we recently attended a careers fair at St George’s CoE Foundation School on 4th July, speaking to students from 11 to 17 about future career opportunities.

“In addition, we are keen to engage with employers from different sectors, such as those in the Creative Industry. With the UK Creative Festival held at Dreamland in Margate, there was a focus on supporting our customers, especially those aged 18 to 24, into these jobs and to find out more about work prospects in this sector.”


  1. Thanet is a poorly paid area, there will be higher unemployment, especially with the younger generation. Jobs for youngsters used to come seasonally when we had a great tourism area but we do not have that anymore. Hotels and the like nearly all gone. Any money coming into the town is squandered by the council on crazy schemes that make no difference to the employment rates.

    • We also have a disproportionately high number who have no intention of ever working and ensure this by making themselves unemployable. Given the amount of housebuilding in the area ongoing and planned it’ll be interesting to see how the numbers change in the next decade or so and how much employment is created.

      • A lot of the new houses being built are being purchased by London Councils and the people they are sending down to the area are unemployed so expect the numbers to go up not down.

        You are right about having a high amount who simply do not wish to work, and why would they when they get everything given to them. Generation after generation have learnt that it pays to do nothing. Unfortunately I am one of the fools that is working to pay for my house, starting to think I’m the one doing it wrong.

    • But there are plenty of jobs if you want one. There are also plenty of lazy people that have no interest in doing anything.

    • I am at a loss to understand why many employers are saying they need to import workers from abroad to fill the labour market.

      And yet at the same time we have an increasing level of unemployment amongst people that already live here.

      It therefore begs the question as to whether it is the case that wages are too low or benefits too high – so hauling one’s lazy fat arse out of bed to do a day’s work is hardly worthwhile . . .

  2. and still the coffin dodgers dont want an airport that will create investment and jobs ? im alright jack comes to mind.

    • The airport would create neither investment nor jobs.
      On the contrary, we’re it to open, the number of (low paid, low skilled) jobs would be off set by job losses in the hospitality and tourism sectors particularly in Ramsgate.

  3. There is no need for an airport at Manston, and air travel should be very much reduced if not totally abandoned.

    • What planet are you on!! Air travel is here to stay wether you like it or not. For example, getting humanitarian aid to very difficult areas to reach, transport of urgent medical items, allowing young people to broaden their minds by travel etc etc. I sometimes despair with people like you looking for a utopia which will not happen in your lifetime or mine and denying others of opportunity’s.


      Wow.. totally abandon air travel. No more holidays for anyone. What a wild thing to say. Thank god you’re gone soon.

    • But how do you work out who is able and who is “lazy”?
      For decades we have had politicians getting our votes by promising to reduce benefits to get the “lazy” to find work.
      Then, when “non-lazy” people end up claiming Benefit, they can’t believe how low their income falls.They end up believing that ,somehow, the “lazy” have some kind of secret ability to game the system whereas they themselves are being discriminated against. Soon enough, they start to believe that “the immigrants” are getting all kinds of extra money (whereas asylum seekers get only 2/3rds of normal Benefit rates, as a punishment for coming).
      But the truth is that it IS grim as a Benefit claimant but it’s also grim as a low-paid worker in the hospitality or Care industries.
      As a society, we are “running on empty”. Low wages which are still falling in relation to inflation. Low benefits (except for Old Age Pensions for us “coffin-dodgers” who vote Tory and sacrifice our own children and grand-children).
      Until we start to get higher wages ,making employment a viable option, even for low-skilled work, we will find a portion of the population who seem to be “lazy”.
      Maybe they are just practical. Or depressed. Or a bit of both.
      Either way, who can be sure that ,one day THEY might not find themselves having to claim Benefits when their own job disappears thanks to new technology or because the Corporation they work for extracted the maximum dividends for shareholders and allowed the firm to rack up debts at the same time?
      I’d rather have a decent Benefit system in place to tide us over until we can get new work. Rather than reduce the rates so low because we think those other people on Benefits are “lazy” and should be punished by being made poor and desperate.

      • Nearly 30 years of renting property in thanet to many dependent on the benefit system and those they mix with and live amongst, opens your eyes to how many choose to live. A life doing nothing supplementing your income with petty crime and work on the side is seemingly very attractive and perfectly achievable. They often don’t live the way many on here do but they don’t care. Being on benefits triggers all sorts of extras, free school meals, free dentist and eyecare, index linked uplifts, greater protections in the courts, the ability to ignore your water bill with effectively no sanction.
        Society most certainly must have a safety net for those that truly do need support, but the net is way too big.

      • Agree with you. Another aspect if benefit claimants are those people claiming while working because the pay is so low. Many people have two or more jobs, part-time or zero hours contracts and still struggle.
        I ‘signed on’ in my teens for six months around 50 years ago and it was sweet but I had no rent or bills to pay. I signed on again about 30 years ago with a mortgage, two kids and bills. I couldn’t have survived on sums I got but I was able to get agency work here and there. The money was very tight but as bad was how the benefits system had changed to something even more hostile.
        If anyone thinks living on benefits is an easy option for “lazy arses” I suggest they try it for a year then comment.
        The real lazy, scroungers are those getting massive sums of tax payers money in company subsidies and tax breaks, Minister’s pensions, Royal Lists, corrupt contracting like pandemic PPE and “new ferries”, etc.

  4. Its interesting how people accuse people out of work as lazy.

    I know someone who has been out of work for ages. Well qualified hard worker, Cant get a job anywhere. I had the same problem well qualified hadnt been out of work for 30 odd years but no one would employ me. Took me 3 years to get back into proper work.

    Getting work isnt as easy, plus 9 times out 10 the wage doesnt cover the bills.

    I dont believe these figures, companies saying they need staff but dont want to employ local people for some reason.

  5. This was always going to happen. With the building of all these housing estates and more people moving to the area where there is not much in the wsy of employment or infrastructure. But hey ho TDC knows best!

        • Er I dont think so lol

          Yea john I did ask you a few simple questions about how manston is going to work on another thread. You choose not to answer them

          Simple questions like no infrastructure how are manston going to over the problems of no road, no rail, no fuel etc.

          You just keep believing our ex solicitor

        • I think you’re right, John558. RSP do know more than us.
          They know what they intend to do with the site. Clearly it can’t be an airport. Only RSP know their true ambitions are.

    • Doubt it. Have you seen the strikes looming at Gatwick and the pathetically low wages of the staff going on strike. Can’t see many if the unemployed queuing to work for those wages

  6. I’d rather be a “silly snowflake” than support the idea of having a cargo hub airport next to a town the size of Ramsgate.

    • With all the houses being built it will soon become one big Thanet. No more small villages/towns with no employment for the young people.

  7. Outrageous there are so many jobs available but the majority of youngsters rather smoke skunk or drug deal and hang around the town drunk or parks vandalism there best job and then t here’s the benefits elite with there 10 children and
    Absent fathers ?? Thee should not be a benefit paid to young people if there are out of imployment after 3 months Go To Work there are real cases were many people are sick and old and unable to Work …

  8. I know a person, who when he left school conned his GP that he couldn’t work because he had a very bad back. This guy can manage to go bait digging/fishing and play in a rock band and actually gloats that he has conned the system for 50 years.

    • People on benefits claim they can’t afford food in a cost of living crises but they can still buy weed, electric scooters, booze, Nike air trainers etc. Take a trip to any of the council estates and housing association sites and you will soon see and smell where the benefit payments are going, that’s if you’re not knocked over by the illegal scooters.
      Whilst there are many who are genuinely claiming benefits, there are equally those who choose not to work and force the rest of us to pay for them and at a time when all of us are struggling to pay our bills it’s disgusting that they keep getting away with it.

      The Benefits system was intended as a safety net not a full time career. You have got generation’s of families who haven’t worked and have no intention of working, they just keep popping out the kids that they can’t afford in the knowledge that the rest of the hard working society will pay for them. No wonder people are becoming sick of the spongers.

  9. John558

    Still waiting john for you to explain how RSP are going to get round not being on the fuel grid, when is the thanet way M2 going 4 lane ? When is the rail haulage yard being built, who investing 500million. How are RSP getting around manston being in a poor geographical location ?

    You blindly believe RSP but on what grounds surly you can answer these few questions as you strongly believe in them

  10. It just goes to show how selfish are the likes of Jenner Dawes and her self centred followers are. Manston Airport will employ thousands in the next 10 / 15 years and hundreds in the next year or two. Also I’m a Labour supporter it’s totally beyond me how anyone who voted Labour can possibly have anything to do with Dawes she is seriously out of order with her objection over the Airport is she just a puppet with others pulling her strings or is she just a very selfish miserable person?

    • Where will these jobs come from at a highly automated airport, which to attract business from where it currently is, will have to pay lower wages than at current sites- most of which are struggling for staff and beset by strikes due to low pay. It’s a fantasy to think people who don’t want to work now will want to get up to start a 5am shift for £12 or something similar an hour. Just look at it sensibly- yea I’d love it to work but, really.,,,,

    • Jenny Dawes is neither of those, Bill, nor are the rest of those who do not want a noisy, polluting airport near Ramsgate (or possibly anywhere at all).

  11. If you can get away with not working – oops – scatch that, pandering to the bigoted capitalist elite who want to pay you the absolute minimum they can get away with, who can blame them?

    People talk about jobs, careers and opportunities when in reality it’s just a giant Ponzi scheme to line the pockets of wine swilling shareholders and beaurocrats. To get people out and work, you have to give more, and not just money, an actual share of the organisation. The system of capital ownership needs an overhaul.

  12. The endless wasted opportunities various councils in Thanet have had to #buildonbrownfieldbuildonmanston which will provide far more great mixed used homes, business, doctors,schools all needed providing quality training and jobs in construction for the next 20 years building this on the old multiple times failed airfield is far greater than flogging the dead horse of trying to revive an airfield which will fail again in less than a decade. So do not complain about highest unemployment numbers, when the opportunity is there to quash an airfield vanity project and create the real solution.

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