Man jailed for sexual assault of three children

Jailed: Abuser Dean Mountain

A 53-year-old man has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexually assaulting three children.

Dean Mountain, of Wallwood Road, Ramsgate, was sentenced yesterday (Friday 14 July) at Norwich Crown Court to 14 years imprisonment and 8 years on license and also issued with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

Following a four-week trial, he was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault of a girl under 13 and one count of attempted indecent assault a girl under 14. He has been placed on the Sexual Offenders Register for life.

The charges relate to three children and occurred in Thetford between 1989 and 2004.

Victim personal statements, which were read out in court, detailed the impact of Mountain’s offending on their lives,

One victim said: “Dean stole my childhood. Instead of being free to play and enjoy my childhood, I was burdened with fear, guilt and so much confusion.”

Another victim said: “I have suffered from the side effects of my abuse for the full 30 years since it happened. I am not sure I will ever be free of it.”

During the trial, Mountain made admissions relating to a fourth victim. He was charged in relation to these incidents in 1997 but the case was dropped before it reached trial. This victim’s evidence of his bad character was vital in securing his conviction.

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Constable Pippa Maskell said: “I would like to commend all the victims involved in this case. They had to relive incredibly difficult details of traumatic incidents in their lives and these were integral in securing Mountain’s convictions.

“It doesn’t matter how long ago it occurred, we will always investigate reports of sexual assault and take each one very seriously.

“These types of offences can have a lifelong impact on their victims and I want to thank them for their bravery. I hope this sentence provides them with some level of closure and comfort knowing he can no longer reoffend.”


      • Capital punishment, even the most barbaric sort carried out in Medieval times, never acted as a deterrent.
        Clearly, by executing an offender, that person won’t offend again. But it doesn’t stop other people from offending.
        Maybe if research was carried out into why some adults want to engage in sexual acts with children, a more satisfactory solution could be found, benefitting potential victim, perpetrator and the families involved.

        • Phyllis Quot, I am not interested in capital punishment as a deterrent. I am only interested in it being a solution. A final solution, if you like.
          We don’t need research into why perverts commit disgusting acts but simply ways of removing this dross from society. They are not fit to breathe the same air as the rest of us … so cut off the supply to them. The lefty liberals have never offered real solutions. It is in their mind set to corrupt and deny others true justice. They undermine rather than take a firm hand.

          • Hi Robert I would like to see the death penalty return for 100 % certain murders or proven cases of pedophilia it is disgusting how these people get small sentences if a person is shot for example the copper in the police station why should he live it’s on camera he Did it to me that is good enough.I would even use it for drunk & or drugged driving when death is caused by the said driver, hard to believe I’m a Liberal! But when it comes to crime then the toughest sentences possible.

          • OK. So you execute a man for committing a crime.
            Does that stop the next man from committing a similar crime?
            So you execute a man for committing a crime.
            Does that stop the next man from committing a similar crime?
            So you execute a man for committing a crime.
            Does that stop the next man from committing a similar crime?
            Which seems a bit pointless, because harm is still happening to the victims and their families, and to the perpetrators families too.
            If the root causes of this sort of activity can be found, then a far more satisfactory solution than simply topping people might be found.
            When capital punishment was abolished by the UK government, it received overwhelming support from both sides of the House, lefty or not.

          • Hundreds of innocent people were hanged, including Quakers who would not swear an oath of allegiance to the monarch at the time (see Mathew 5: 34)! Remember Salem too when people were hanged as witches! More recently six innocent men would have been hanged for being Irish! Would the rabid right want to reintroduce it even if innocent people would be hanged again?

    • Ms Pink unbelievable how do you sleep at night being so sick, his criminal record of child abuse is big, in your mind the mountain oo evidence against him is why it took 4 weeks for the trial and those victims had to suffer listening to everything he has done to them reliving it all as if it happened yesterday. Think about what they have suffered for years, using the names of to gentlemen in the same sentence as a pedophile, your humour is making me think are you a pedophile sick jokes like yours shows that you could be.

      • I’d be careful about going around calling people paedophiles for no reason if I were you; some might think you may be a bit dodgy.

        • N-toad I have no worries about that I can prove and would do in a court of law, same could be said for yourself hiding behind your alias, but you are allowed your thoughts and opinions, and it’s fine by me.

  1. It you’re referring to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, I think your so called humour is disrespectful and ghastly to those poor victims after suffering such a horrific ordeal.
    Show some respect, an absolute shocking comment

  2. Phyllis Quot, preventing the next man from committing a similar crime has nothing to do with it. A non sequitur. But it does prevent the pervert named here from doing it again.
    I never suggested it was a cure-all but it is a form of justice along the lines of punishing the sinner. Surely the sexual abuse of small children is the worst of crimes but that does not seem to concern you, preferring finding a way of redeeming the pervert so that he just gets a slap on the wrist. The justice system in Britain is soft enough without the likes of you trying to make it softer.

    • What I actually said was: find what causes people to want to commit these acts; fix that, if you can; then you’ve stopped a lot of harm being done.
      I don’t believe I mentioned “a slap on the wrist” at all.

      • Find what causes people to commit these vile acts? All we need to know is that these people are perverted to the point of evil and should be executed.
        You can’t fix sexual perversion. It is ingrained into the very nature of the beast.
        A slap on the wrist is one of those phrases that slightly exaggerates the lefty liberal idea of punishment meted out on the worst of criminals. I never said you used the expression. You wouldn’t have the imagination, in my opinion.

        • So you want to perpetuate a system whereby an endless stream of (usually) men abuse children, causing harm to the children and distress to their families, followed by state execution of the perpetrator and the consequent distress to his family, rather than seek a way of stopping it at all?
          Do you get a kick out of thinking about violence and death?

          • You can’t “stop it at all” because there will always be child molesters in an imperfect world. The answer is to remove them whenever they emerge. By remove I mean hang them.
            Your attempt to try emotional blackmail, i.e. causing distress to families, is another non sequitur on your part. The issue is public safety and real justice.
            Do I get a kick out of thinking about violence and death? No, not at all. I don’t get a kick out of anything because I am of a sound mind.

        • I might feel sorry for Robert Edwards if he wasn’t so rude and unpleasant. What a gloomy view of life he has.


  4. You’ve got a strange view of the World if you think that hanging people will make it more perfect.
    And just who defines what “perfect” means?

    • Phyliss Quot, I did not say it would become a perfect world. I referred to an imperfect world which it always would be. As such perverts will exist in it.
      Nothing and no one is perfect because humanity is flawed.
      Stop trying to misrepresent my words.

      • What you said was “there will always be child molesters in an imperfect world. The answer is to remove them whenever they emerge”
        In other words, a move to a perfect world would be to kill child molesters.
        By whose yardstick do you judge that humanity is flawed? Your own? Someone else’s?

        • I never used the term perfect world. Such a thing does not exist nor ever will exist. We have to deal with our issues in an imperfect world. If that means using the death penalty against child molesters, so be it.
          Of course humanity is flawed. Just look at the way we treat each other. Humanity is full of excrement and corruption. It’s all around us.

          • You used the word “imperfect”
            It follows that there is an alternative “perfect”
            I don’t know where you are, but I’m not immersed in “excrement and corruption”, neither metaphorically nor literally.

  5. I expect I know as much as anybody else of my age does. Which of course doesn’t mean that we all know exactly the same things.

  6. you view that hanging would not stop others from commiting these crimes , well it would certainly put a stop to this animal carrying out further assualts – so in my book thats a perfect result.

  7. In my opinion – and also of many I speak to – social standards (ethics, morals, behaviour) have dropped significantly in recent years. I would not advocate capital punishment, but experience in other countries has shown me that harsh penalties have a deterring effect. Singapore, for example, has a strict penal code which is well-known to residents and visitors (hence the popular t-shirt, “Singapore – a FINE city”). Penalties are physical as well as financial and publicised at points of entry in addition to community-wide. They are rightly proud of their low crime-rates, yet still not complacent. Their frequent message to communities is “Low crime does not mean NO crime”, stressing the need for people to be careful and to be part of the reporting process. Here in the UK, we face many challenges when pondering penalties. Imprisonment is expensive for the State, the jails are full, ‘society’ expects leniency if someone has had a ‘difficult’ upbringing (as have many of us, one way or another), the list goes on. There is also a mis-match between the law-makers and the law-upholders. Particularly when an election is in sight, the appetite for passing laws which may offend some people is greatly diminished. The Police have to be ultra-careful when apprehending obvious criminals, lest they should be subjected to trial-by-media. I am not advocating a Police State, but do believe that part of the solution would be an overhaul of the ‘system’ with particular focus on sentencing guidelines for the judiciary. How we change ‘Society’ is a much bigger issue, particularly as community spirit is fast being overtaken by a “me-first” mentality. These are personal observations and opinions, not representative of any organisations I may be connected with and I do accept that others will have different views which are valid to them. On the lines of John Lennon’s “Imagine” pleadings, how I wish for a society where we are all driven to go M-A-D (Making A Difference, for the good).

  8. See my earlier posting about innocent people being hanged! According to my national newspaper “Last week William Brown was found innocent of a double murder in 1856”. What is unusual about this? He was the last person to be publicly hanged! His trial was re-enacted by experts, using historic evidence, and the conclusion was Mr Brown was innocent, and should never have been hanged!

    • Dumped On, what you seem to be avoiding is the incredible advances in forensic science, unknown in the 19th century. Today, there is no reasonable doubt to the guilt of perpetrators of serious crimes against children. We can hang them without losing a wink sleep at night.
      Now, today, we can solve crimes that occurred decades ago using DNA technology. You can run but you can not hide forever.

  9. Robert Edwards is an obnoxious person who hankers after the bad old days. Either that or he just likes to provoke people into replying to his viciously unpleasant comments.

    • MM Rees, we used to call them the good old bad old days, in jocular fashion. But it is you who wants to regress … no more cars or aircraft. Should we bring back horses and carts just to please you?
      If anyone provokes, it is you when you respond to me.
      Let’s face the truth, you just don’t like an opposing view to yours. Typically Woke, whereby you want to “cancel” anyone who voices views based on reality and not your fantasy Woke ideology. Get used to being challenged because that is what we do in a democracy. But then you have this problem of not grasping facts. Accept that you could be intellectually challenged and this frustrates you. Thus the personal abuse in your last posting.

      • “Get used to being challenged because that is what we do in a democracy. But then you have this problem of not grasping facts. Accept that you could be intellectually challenged and this frustrates you. Thus the personal abuse in your last posting.”
        Et tu, Edwardii.

  10. Put to death all those who sexually abuse small children. They are not worthy of breathing the same air as the rest of us. Note, I keep to the topic on this thread.
    Anyone who seeks research on why they do it is in urgent need of psychiatric treatment. The reason they do it is because they are incurable evil perverts. You don’t need a university degree to come to that conclusion.

    • Edwards, your an ignorant Pillock! Instead of hanging people who are child molesters, why not chemically castrate them? Even with the most advanced technical tools available in todays world, mistakes are made, and innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit, mistakes are always possible, and they happen.

  11. Dumped On, as for methods of execution I would send them to Saudi Arabia. One swift stroke of the sword and wallop.
    Modern forensic science more or less ensures the guilty are guilty.
    What’s a pillock?

  12. American and British high-ranking politicians do this sort of thing all the time, and worse, and get away with it. Where do you think adrenochrome comes from?

  13. “Katmanndu”- there is a paranoid anti-semitic conspiracy theory about adrenochrome. It’s just not worth reading.

  14. In the opinion of very many people, as this particular conspiracy theory has been widely debunked.

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