Man arrested in connection with Broadstairs burglary

Image Kent Police

A suspect has been tracked and arrested by local response officers within an hour of a burglary being reported in Broadstairs.

Kent Police received a report at approximately 11.15pm on Thursday 13 July that a group of people with torches were on a building site in Chandos Road and were believed to be stealing items from the site.

As the people left the site, local response officers were able to work quickly with CCTV operators to track their direction of travel.

The suspects were seen again near the High Street and ran away on seeing police. One was stopped and arrested and enquiries are ongoing to identify the remaining two.

A 21-year-old man from Broadstairs was arrested on suspicion of burglary and has been bailed until 11 October.


  1. real word, that’s not fair. After all, I’m sure they had evidence the culprits said nasty things on Twitter that made people sad that needed them to move to their safe space, so I’m sure they’ll be locked-up.

  2. Are the travellers that have just flytipped all the waste in Ramsgate paying council tax I wonder. Article is not open for comment and I see Karen Constantine is wading in, maybe she should visit the site and help clear it all up. She needs to work up an appetite for healthy living instead of munching her way through tax payer free lunches.

    • Karen Constantines overzealous support for the Pavee families is almost laughable. Ramsgate boat owners have to pay a fortune to moor in the harbour and use the facilities yet the travellers get to use all the facilities without paying a penny in fees. Do these travellers pay water rates, council tax or income tax ? Because currently they are receiving pretty all the services that that the rest of us tax payers pay a fortune for.

      Surely the families living on the old port must have noticed fleets of flat bed trucks dumping rubbish just metres from their own encampment. It really is a mystery how it got there in a pretty much gated community with only one way in and one way out. I guess some mysteries are unsolvable.

  3. i do hope you are right , i have been a burglary victim and nothing was done, and no one was ever prosecuted, there was a general lack of interest about it.

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