Road in Ramsgate reopens after crash involving police car

The incident happened in Boundary Rad/Chatham Street Photo Charles Salisbury

A road in Ramsgate has reopened following a crash involving a police car today (July 12).

Police partially closed a section of the road at Chatham Street/Boundary Road following the crash.

Onlookers report several police cars had been heading along the road when the collision took place.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “A police vehicle was travelling in Boundary Road, Ramsgate, when it was involved in a collision with another car at around 12.25pm.

“No injuries were reported and officers were away from the scene by around 2.20pm.”


  1. Wondered where the 3 police cars and 1 wagon where heading… thought there had been a major incident the way they were driving, but seems they were rushing to their mate!

  2. exactly , they come out of the woodwork when it suits them, its the only time you see them . they dont even bother to attend burglarys now.

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