Jam-packed week of art at Priory Infant School

Creative fun for Priory infant pupils

Pupils at Priory Infant School in Ramsgate have enjoyed a week of arts-based activities.

Alongside opportunities to work on collaborative art pieces and trying new art techniques, teachers worked together to plan art lessons across the curriculum.

Highlights included visiting the computer suite to create digital artwork, gathering natural materials from the wildlife area to create paintings with a science focus and designing colourful patterns in mathematics. Year 1 children also completed art logs to achieve their Arts Award Discover.

Vincent van Gogh is one of the school’s key focus artists. Through their sketchbooks, Year 1 children took inspiration from his delicate mark making, in Year 2 children investigated a range of techniques to replicate texture in their own van Gogh inspired paintings. Next year, the school will introduce Reception classes to the famous artist’s paintings.

To launch the new curriculum with a bang, art co-ordinator Janie Grout invited artist Becky Vincer to create a very special  piece. Becky worked with every child in the school to craft a huge sunflower wreath. Families had the opportunity to be photographed with the artwork and the wreath will be proudly displayed during the various end of year celebration events.

As one of two Animate Arts Champion Schools, Priory was proud to collaborate with Animate Arts and join their yearly Art Builders project. This year’s theme was Brick by Brick, taking inspiration from architecture. The school chose to learn about architect and designer Yinka Ilori, whose work bursts with vibrant colour and pattern with influences from Nigerian textiles.

Creativity reached its peak on Art Builders Day with classes taking part in a live craft workshop and Reception classes joining a live contemporary dance workshop.

A celebratory art exhibition was held at the end of the week, with families invited to view the amazing range of artwork. One grandparent said: “Wow, I can’t believe how much they have done this term” and said they were amazed to discover the artwork had all been made in just one jam-packed week!