Millionaires Tea Party for avid readers at St Laurence Junior Academy

Tea party fun for St Laurence pupils

St Laurence CE Junior Academy organised a celebration as a group of remarkable young readers gathered for the Millionaires Tea Party. The party, held annually, recognises the literary achievements of the students at the school.

Under the guidance of Mrs Mountjoy, the English coordinator, the students embarked on an impressive reading journey, devouring books, and immersing themselves in captivating stories. The Millionaires Tea Party served as a reward and encouragement for their dedication to literacy.

Head teacher Sarah Graham said: “It is fantastic to celebrate the achievements of these avid readers with our CEO  Annie Wiles and English coordinator, Sarah Mountjoy.  The children were keen to share their favourite books and authors with us and are an inspiration to other children.”

The event included the attendance of valued guests such as Mrs Graham, head teacher of St Laurence CE Junior Academy, Mrs Wiles, CEO of Aquila, The Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust, and Mrs Blackburn, a former Chair of Governors and a cherished friend of the school.

The children who were invited to the exclusive gathering had each read more than one million words, an astonishing accomplishment that demonstrated their commitment to expanding their knowledge and fostering a love for reading. They were treated to a spread of tea and cake, adding a touch of elegance to their well-deserved celebration.

Mrs Mountjoy said: “It’s truly inspiring to witness the enthusiasm and dedication these young readers have displayed. Their avid appetite for books has unlocked new worlds, expanded their imagination, and enriched their understanding of the world around them. They are setting a wonderful example for their peers.”

The event not only celebrated the students’ individual accomplishments but also highlighted the importance of reading and literacy in education.

The Millionaires Tea Party at St Laurence CE Junior Academy will leave a lasting impact on the students, inspiring them to continue their literary adventures and explore new horizons through the written word.