6th Ramsgate Royal Harbour Sea Scouts open day marks opening of renovated top floor at Ice House

Open day at the Ice House (Photo Kent Scouts)

The 6th Ramsgate Royal Harbour Sea Scouts have celebrated 60 Years of Royal Navy recognition and the completion of  the Ice House top-floor renovations with an open day event.

Deputy Lieutenant Bill Cockcroft represented the Lieutenancy of Kent at the celebration where people could come and see the work that has been carried out thanks to numerous business, charity and individual donations.

Work has been carried out on the external staircase and access bridge from Jacob’s Ladder, meaning the upper part of the building is now accessible.

The upper level now has new flooring, toilets, kitchen, a workshop space and main hall. The roof has also been replaced.

The group plans to create a centre for the Sea Scouts and the wider community after successfully taking over the site at Ramsgate harbour under a Community Asset Transfer in 2017.

The building was once used to store block ice brought to the UK from Norway to be used in the fish markets. It has since had a variety of mixed commercial uses.

The Sea Scouts, whose association with the Ice House goes back many years, are creating a space for the group’s headquarters but also kitchens, a water school, community cafe, meeting rooms and more.

This week the Sea Scout group also received confirmation of funding for a lift to make the building fully accessible. The funds come from the Bernard Sunley Foundation.

Fundraising continues as plans also include the creation of another floor which will mean the building has space for two community rooms, shower and water activity area and a small café.

Group Scout Leader Shirley Appleby said: “A lot of the community came in to have a look around and see how far we have come with renovating the property.

“There has been interest in the community rooms we are planning to put downstairs and to insert a first floor, which doesn’t exist at the moment.

“It all very exciting.”

Deputy Lieutenant Bill Cockcroft and Shirley Appleby (Photo Kent Scouts)

It is hoped the community areas will be created over the next two years while the lift is hoped to be installed this year.

The 6th Ramsgate Sea Scouts is a charity run group that helps and supports children from ages six up to 18. They take part in different fun activities, including kayaking, canoeing, pulling and powerboating.

Photo Kent Scouts

The Group has three sections, Beavers (aged 6–8), Cubs (aged 8 to 10 and a half) and Scouts, (aged 10 and a half to 14) supported by Young Leaders (aged 14 to 18) and a team of adult volunteers.

For more information about 6th Ramsgate Sea Scouts visit 6thramsgateseascouts.org.uk

The Sea Scouts continue to fundraise towards the renovations, and donations can be made via the PayPal button on their website or directly to the Group.


  1. Good for them, excellent to see asset transfer and community spirit works.
    Three cheers for the Sea Scouts.

  2. Wonderful leaders and young people encouraging youngsters into a positive way of life. We’re proud to be a family that has benefitted from our children being sea scouts and the confidence it has given them. Well done to Matthew “guns”, “sparks” and “Subdub” plus all the other volunteers for all they’ve done to make the renovations happen.

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