Public loos in Ramsgate town reopen after a closure of more than one year

Cavendish Street loos

Public toilets in Ramsgate that were shut down more than one year ago have been reopened.

The facilities at Cavendish Street reopened yesterday (July6) after being refurbished. New bins and a planter have also been installed ad CCTV is being put in.

The loos were shut last year due to continued anti-social and criminal behaviour.

The toilets had been targeted by vandals and the toilets team had to make numerous repairs and keep them serviceable. In January 2022, the toilets were closed for over a week in order to undertake repairs but vandalism and discarded needles continued to be a problem ad so they were closed.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: ” The public toilets on Cavendish Street in Ramsgate reopened on Thursday 6 July. During the summer season they will be open daily from 7.30am to 5.00pm. Winter opening times may vary.

“The toilets were closed in March 2022 due to continued anti-social and criminal behaviour.

“We have refurbished the toilet block, and installed new litter bins and a planter. CCTV is also being installed to discourage further anti-social behaviour at the block.”


  1. It’s funny that all of a sudden they are open again just after local elections the seafront underground toilets at the Clocktower Margate have been closed for more than three years and the ones behind the council offices in the centre the ladies are closed including the disabled toilet there was these works planned to be done before change of administration the new administration would have had to go through the process to get them repaired and opened

    • I assume that you’re referring to those of us of a certain age whose bladders aren’t what they once were?

      Thanet Council – For this relief, much thanks!

  2. No, he’s referring to the crack heads and smack heads that use those toilets to take their drugs.

  3. It’s a pity the council doesn’t have the authority to put a curfew on thick stupid yobs who misuse public amenities. Toilets are such that everyone needs them. In Europe many toilets have staff from 10am to 4pm

    • The council should charge for them, it doesn’t have to be much but it would put the druggies off using them. It would also put stop the vandals from damaging them. It’s not nice paying to use a toilet but the funds would be able to pay for their upkeep and discourage the scum from using them.

      • I have been trying to get TDC this for many years I took a trip to Blackpool at least ten years ago they had fully automated toilet blocks that self clean at the time they charged 20p to use solved their problems there took photos of them passed them on to TDC answer we can’t afford them the company that installed them gave that council some free ones in order for further business they are open 24 hours a day seven days a week the council gets great amounts of revenue from them other towns in Kent have some including London in the long run they would get the cost back plus good revenue only need to employ at least two people to put in toilet rolls and soap hot chocolate water provided.

  4. Example of toilet closures at night I was out for a little while as it was a pleasant summers evening visitors mainly men were urinating outside the toilet doors at the Nayland toilets that were closed early an example of no where tomgo.

  5. Why dont TDC visit other seaside towns to see how they are run.

    I always holiday in the uk and have yet to visit another place as bad as thanet.

    Ramsgate itself has a beautiful harbour and people are trying really hard to improve the area. BUT you have the smell of dope hanging in the air. Load drinkers walking the streets. Sadly you have homeless people to. Then you have that very loud pub by the bookies which spills out on the street. It’s not a nice look.

    Ramsgate has a lot going for it unfortunately it has also alot of locals who dont help the area.

    Plus TDC dont care much for ramsgate.

    • “BUT you have the smell of dope hanging in the air.”

      Same as blackpool, brighton, bognor, southend…

      “Load drinkers walking the streets.”

      Well yes, there is literally nothing else to do in ramsgate besides eat/drink and things using said eat/drink establishements as a venue…

      ” Then you have that very loud pub by the bookies which spills out on the street. It’s not a nice look.”

      Its everyones high street, not just for you and your entitlements…

  6. Well I used these toilets today and the ladies has not changed much. Graffiti most has gone. Toilet doors have been painted, but have painted over where it show the toilet is in use. Sinks still have missing tiles. Most of the cubicles don’t have toilet roll. Also they still stink. If the council have refurbished them then I don’t know what it went on.

  7. I noticed in one of my comments I meant hot water not hot chocolate we are still waiting for TDC to get the loos open at the clocktower end of the promenade we have three porta loos and one disabled one not good for disabled people toilet pan to.low needs rising up and they stink don’t know what visitors must think.

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