Explore dark side of Ramsgate with Mrs Fox’s Skulduggery Tour

Mrs Fox’s Skulduggery Tour

Explore the dark and mysterious side of Ramsgate, including tales of scandal and intrigue, with Mrs Fox’s Skulduggery Tour.

The walk, which takes place every Friday between now and September 22, also includes a dollop of the town’s social history as it follows in the footsteps of smugglers, murderers and smack boys.

The spinetingling two hour guided tour starts at 7pm at the Obelisk by Ramsgate’s harbour, and travels to Ellington Park and back.

Mrs Fox is played by Ramsgate resident Tracy Russell, a costumed historical interpreter with more than 20 years experience, ‘bringing history to life’ in heritage sites, like Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, Dover Castle and many more.

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Or go to Eventbrite to buy tickets (£7.50) at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mrs-foxs-skulduggery-tour-of-ramsgate-tickets-656560589397


  1. You can experience the dark side of Ramsgate,every night.Just wander around King and Harbour Streets

  2. The inclusion of the very dark and mysterious creatures that have prevented Manston being reopened should be in the tours script,
    Lots of skullduggery designed to stop people having decent well paid jobs, just to satisfy the egos of people who have descended on the area, and consider themselves to be superior to the local population…

    • “Dark and mysterious” like all the experts that have produced documents saying that Manston is not a suitable place for an airport and that there’s no need for a brand-new airport in the south-east of England?

      • I’m being ironic, by the way, as there’s no doubt that Ove Arup etc know what they’re talking about.

  3. i agree with eric , why dont she take her tours down ramsgate seafront at the weekend when the pubs and bars are chucking out ,thats the real ramsgate

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